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Interior Designers Reveal Their Favorite Color

Interior Designers Reveal Their Favorite Color

Spoiler alert: it's hard to pick just the one!

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Jess Ng
on July 14th 2018
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Within the design world, it’s a truth universally acknowledged that color can make or break a space. Color, after all, determines the whole mood and aesthetic of an interior – so it’s important to get it right.


The question is though, how do you choose? Do you opt for your absolute favorite hue? But tastes can change! So perhaps it’s better to go for a colorless neutral shade? But that’s so boring. Ultimately, there’s no right or wrong here, which isn’t helpful – I know. But you know what might be of some assistance? The advice of the professionals. Ahead, designers reveal their favorite color to decorate with. Spoiler: it’s hard to pick one!

Sharon Toong

Studio: House of Sylphina

Colorful contemporary bedroom with yellow accent cupboard designed by House of Sylphina |
'Stoke Newington Flat' by House of Sylphina; Photo by Anna Stathaki

“Paint is a fantastic way to incorporate color into a home. I like using deep blues and greens for a bit of drama, and paler pinks and minty greens for a fresher look.”

Colorful contemporary kitchen with blue walls, monochrome tiles and SMEG fridge designed by House of Sylphina |
'Stoke Newington Flat' by House of Sylphina; Photo by Anna Stathaki

What are your top tips for incorporating color into home decor?

“My top tip would be to paint the ceiling out the same color as the walls for a more seamless look. Also look at other creative fields for unique color combinations, and introduce them to your interior scheme through furniture, artwork and soft furnishings. Most importantly, don’t be afraid to experiment – be brave and bold!”

Sergio Mannino

Studio: Sergio Mannino Studio

Minimalist turquoise interior of Medly Pharmacy designed by Sergio Mannino Studio |
'Medly Pharmacy' by Sergio Mannino Studio

“We don’t have a favorite color because colors reflect the brand’s value and are very powerful design elements. Each color is connected to a specific emotion and triggers different feelings in the viewer: red is the color of passion, blue represents trust and is also calming, green symbolizes nature and is very reassuring.”

Bold bedroom design with crimson red feature wall designed by Sergio Mannino Studio |
'Millenia Apartment Design' by Sergio Mannino Studio

Are there any colors you tend to avoid?

“In [the] case of home decor, things are a lot more open because each one of us has different preferences. In general, we try to avoid using primary colors, and if we do, they are never all three together as their combination reduces their strength. We like using pastel colors (such as light pinks, light greens, peach, or off whites) combined with more saturated ones, but there are times when a dark, intense and deeper tone is needed.”

Ofer Rossman

Studio: XS Studio for Compact Design

Pink design exhibition by XS Studio for Compact Design |
'The Pink Elephant' exhibition by XS Studio

“Pink is our favorite color for adding some SASS. Pink can be subtle, cozy and earthy, but can also show boldness, creativity and draw a lot of attention. It gives a great contrast to either dark or bright colors and can be very profound by emphasizing geometry in a certain space. We like to use pink because everybody talks about the pink elephant in the room.”

Christophe Penasse

Studio: Masquespacio

Colorful tiled restaurant design with wood accents and hanging pendant lights by Masquespacio |
'Albabel' by Masquespacio

“Our favorite color is the one that fits best with each project and the persons that are going to be part of the project. It needs to attract and seduce each of the customers’ lifestyles they are trying to attract.”

Colorful restaurant design with vertical garden and wood accents by Masquespacio |
'Piada' by Masquespacio

Do you have any advice when it comes to choosing a color for home decor?

“Try to find colors that fit best with your personality and not just colors that are popular at that moment. If you feel happy with them, others don’t need to like it. It is you that is going to live in your home.”

Daniel Perez and Felipe Araujo

Studio: Egue Y Seta

Colorful modern living room with yellow feature wall designed by Egue Y Seta |
'The Furnished Void' by Egue Y Seta

“We are usually inclined to lay out most of the home “hardware” (walls, flooring and ceilings) in neutrals (white, black, gray, tan, taupe, earthy, etc.) as they will most probably withstand better. This doesn’t mean we dislike color. We actually love it, and are therefore happy to let it splash over the “permanent” elements of the space whenever bold clients allow us to go for it. We usually do this through “statement color walls”, with color tiling or color grouting and murals.”

Modern colorful bedroom with green and white color block feature wall and pink bedding |
'The Furnished Void' by Egue Y Seta

What are some other easy ways to incorporate color into the home?

“Through color furniture, curtains or upholstery, or even through stained glass partitions and colored lamps. Also, green is always “there” in our designs in the shape of indoor gardens, patios or statement plants. Greenery is fresh, outdoorsy, expansive and timeless.”

Now that we’ve heard from the professionals, what’s your favorite color? Let us know in the comments below!


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