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Designers Share Their 2019 Resolutions

Designers Share Their 2019 Resolutions

Goals for the year ahead

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on December 31st 2018
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Even if you don’t buy into the ‘new year, new beginnings’ mentality, the idea of setting goals and planning for the year ahead is never a bad thing. After all, focusing your mind on what you want to achieve is the first step to making those dreams come true. With this in mind, we’re catching up with our favorite designers to discover what their resolutions for 2019 look like. Keep reading for more.

Sarah Armstrong

The last time we saw Sarah Armstrong was when she popped over to Hong Kong to indulge in dumplings and antiques shopping with us. Looking forward to the year ahead, 2019 marks the fifth anniversary of Pinyin Press — her quirky decor and lifestyle brand which brings together traditional Chinese culture and contemporary design.

Designers' Resolutions for 2019: Sarah Armstrong |
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“For 2019, I’d like to work with an NGO or charity on a design project. I’d also like to work with crafts people in more rural areas, so perhaps these two concepts will be combined. What’s more, as 2019 will also celebrate five years of Pinyin Press, I’m looking to revisit some of the original designs from the first Pinyin Press collection. Overall, my resolution for 2019 will be to devote as much time to creativity as possible.”

Charlie Caffyn

After winning the 2018 BUILD Architecture Award for Best International Furniture Design Company, the only way is up for British woodwork artist Charlie Caffyn. We can’t wait to see more of his traditional solid wood furniture design!

Designers' Resolutions for 2019: Charlie Caffyn |

“After just completing my new Atworth Desk Lamp with Deb Wythe from Design In Progress, I’d like to do more design collaborations. It’s been brilliant having another creative person on board for the design process.”

Vickie Chan

With collaborations with big name brands such as 6IXTY8IGHT already under her belt, the future looks bright for surface pattern designer and illustrator Vickie Chan. In the upcoming year, she plans to further work on her portfolio as well as preparing to take studio Chanpei to New York!

Designers' Resolutions for 2019: Vickie Chan |
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“I don’t think resolutions are only for new year, so I am always re-assessing. I have recently decided to spend more time on my creative work and only take really interesting client branding work — I’m planning to slightly shift the balance. It means I need to shift my own attitude a bit too!”

Elaine Chiu

One of our favorite discoveries of 2018 was local watercolor artist, Elaine Chiu. We love how her work captures the very best of the city we call home. Luckily for us, we can expect to see more of this in 2019 with the launch of her “Neon Lights of Hong Kong” series!

Designers' Resolutions for 2019: Elaine Chiu |
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“I hope 2019 is the year that I can explore different art mediums, travel more, meet new people and do more collaborations with those of different backgrounds. I’m also looking forward to (hopefully) opening my own studio!”

Camille Levert

After the recent success of her ‘Layers of Hong Kong’ exhibition, 3D photo collage artist Camille Levert shows no signs of slowing. In addition to her much-discussed Hong Kong cinema theater series, Levert hopes to continue working on her Cheung Chau and Neon Signs series in time to exhibit at the Affordable Art Fair in May.

Designers' Resolutions for 2019: Camille Levert |
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“In 2019 I hope to discover a district of Hong Kong which I have never been before, and spend at least one full day a month there. I also want to be more organized (read buy a Filofax!), to exercise more and improve my tennis, and spend less time on the smartphone! I would like to be more confident and more communicative about my work — and never fail at supporting my husband and son in their artistic projects.”

Josh Manning

With his infectious energy and welcoming open door policy, Josh Manning quickly became a firm favorite with us all here at Specializing in custom furniture with an industrial twist, we can expect to see even bigger and better things coming from the SPRUE Furniture workshop in the upcoming year.

Designers' Resolutions for 2019: Josh Manning |
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“In 2019, personally I’m going to exercise more (yeah, right) and get out to the city (I spend too much time in Kowloon!). I also want to spend more time honing my craft and less time sitting in my office. Professionally-speaking, we’ll finally get around to renovating the workshop. It’s long overdue, the place is a dusty mess. We’ll also experiment more with brass or turning on a lathe!”

Sarah Ward

For interior designer Sarah Ward, 2019 looks set to be a year of reuniting with old friends. She plans to work with some of her favorite returning clients, opening and expanding their businesses with new locations. The new year will also see the long-awaited opening of a big commercial office project that she’s been working on throughout 2018.

Designers' Resolutions for 2019: Sarah Ward |
“For 2019, I’m resolving to move forward with purpose in everything I do. The last few years have been a whirlwind of ‘busy-ness’, so I’m looking forward to stepping back and really assessing what I want to pursue in all aspects of my life. In business, I want to recommit to working for and with clients that reinforce my creative goals. In my personal life, I want to take more time for myself and for the people who are most meaningful to me.”

Studio Wills

For William Ng and his Singapore-based interior design firm, Studio Wills + Architects, 2019 will signal a significant expansion to their portfolio. Two large multi-generational houses, in addition to a small 64 square meter apartment and two landed houses are just some of the projects we’re looking forward to seeing!

Designers' Resolutions for 2019: William Ng |

“For 2019, we are working towards expanding our current housing portfolio for both architecture and interiors to include more varied and complex housing types. We will also continue to test and push the limits of habitation in a way that reflects the changing demography and urban conditions.”

Egue Y Seta

An Egue Y Seta home tour always brings a smile to our face thanks to their love of color. In 2019, we can look forward to the duo bringing their signature aesthetic to a number of home decor products. Also on the agenda, the redesign of a grand and classical penthouse and a bachelor’s hedonistic retreat. We can’t wait!

Designers' Resolutions for 2019: Egue Y Seta |
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“It’s always hard not to foster a too great set of expectations as the new year approaches. Nevertheless, we always try to be cautious in this respect. We try to avoid taking anything for sure until it actually happens, and refrain from giving it all away too soon. That being said, we can share that we will start the new year renovating our own offices. Finally! We have invested great time and effort in this, and have had great collaborating brands participating in the project. We’re pretty excited to finally see the whole thing coming together, and to be able to finally come to work to a place that is more similar to those we design for clients every day.”

*Some answers have been edited for length and clarity.


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