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Viennese Family Apartment Quietly Exudes Modern Luxury

Viennese Family Apartment Quietly Exudes Modern Luxury

Can you spot the sauna?

Written by –
Jess Ng
on February 28th 2018
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Apartment H+M


The redevelopment of apartments set in classic Viennese buildings is somewhat of a signature for design studio destilat. And it’s no wonder really, given how good of a job they make of it. Case in point? The simple yet elegant H+M Apartment which quietly exudes modern luxury for a stylish take on family living. Let’s take a closer look.

Apartment H+M by destilat: Bright and spacious open plan dining. living and kitchen area with ceiling molding and hanging pendant lights with tulle | NONAGON.style

Open Plan Living

The heart of the home is this bright and spacious open plan living, dining and kitchen area. Boasting enviably tall ceilings complete with intricate molding which immediately draws the eye upwards, this space is perfect for bringing the whole family together.

Apartment H+M by destilat: Open plan living area with tall ceilings and white walls | NONAGON.style
Apartment H+M by destilat: Open plan living area with soft luxe textures and wood parquet floor | NONAGON.style

Luxe Textures

Original wood parquet flooring is softened by a medley of lush textures: a snuggly faux fur throw, delicate floor-to-ceiling drapery and a playful tulle lampshade. Although destilat have stuck to an ostensibly minimalist aesthetic, these details also work to inject a touch of luxe into the space.

Apartment H+M by destilat: White coffee table with wall art and delicate glass vases | NONAGON.style


Throughout the apartment, the choice of artwork is simple but effective. The team have opted for cohesion in color, rather than any theme as such. A simple backdrop of white allows for the pieces to make a striking impact.

Apartment H+M by destilat: White Scandinavian-inspired kids bedroom with patchwork quilt | NONAGON.style

It’s All About The Kids

The integration of the kitchen into the open plan living area freed up space for a whimsical Scandinavian-inspired kids room.

Apartment H+M by destilat: Scandinavian-inspired kid's bedroom with yellow tulle lampshade and playful tepee | NONAGON.style
Apartment H+M by destilat: Scandinvian-inspired kid's bedroom with gray and beige accents | NONAGON.style

What’s great about this room is that it feels both chic and kid-appropriate at the same time. The trick here is to deploy an adult-worthy neutral background of white walls and greige accents which you can then enliven with a fanciful tepee and cuddly soft toys.

Apartment H+M by destilat: Relaxing wellness area with floor to ceiling drapes and calming neutral tones | NONAGON.style


In the adult quarters, peace and tranquility reign supreme. A wellness suite with a hidden sauna and sumptuous bathtub flanks the bedroom, creating a master suite that could easily be at home in a five star hotel.

Apartment H+M by destilat: Wellness bathroom area with bathtub | NONAGON.style
Apartment H+M by destilat: Sauna hidden behind a wall of mirrors | NONAGON.style

Neutral taupe, sand and creamy beige exude sophistication. Meanwhile, the mirrors and clever use of lighting ensure that the space never feels claustrophobic, despite its lack of windows.

Apartment H+M by destilat: Master bedroom with futon bed and ceramic floor tiles | NONAGON.style


In the main bedroom, simplicity is key. A low-height futon bed and the mismatched wood and decorative ceramic flooring add a touch of boho to the scene. The geological-inspired carved stone end tables are a great architectural detail which work well to ground the room.

Apartment H+M by destilat: Elegant hallway with floor to ceiling drapery | NONAGON.style

Final Impressions

As was only to be expected from a destilat home, the H+M Apartment is a masterclass in subtle modern luxury. The amount of light and space in this home belies its architecturally classic shell, but it’s arguably this seamless mix of old and new which makes this project so special. Sumptuous textural accents and indulgent features make this home worthy of a five star rating. Now if only it were available on Airbnb

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