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Dannah Levy


Dannah Levy

Influenced by Zen Buddhism’s “here and now” philosophy, inspired by nature, imperfection and clean, fine lines, Dannah designs and creates clay items that are simple and complex at the same time. She loves the beauty that requires attention to be seen, like a beautiful weed growing between the bricks of an old wall, like foliage on a tidy park pathway, or like rust on metal.

She believes that this kind of beauty, the imperfect, incomplete and impermanent kind touches people’s heart and has been her motivation to Art. Throughout a long period of time, she yearned for the smell, touch, and feel of the clay, so finally, from 2012 she rededicated her professional life exclusively to clay.

Products by Dannah Levy

Dannah Levy Egg-Shaped Ceramic Bowl
This minimal ceramic bowl can be a home décor, candle holder or a succulent planter at your home.
Dannah Levy Egg-Shaped Ceramic Vase
Minimal egg-shaped sculpture.
Dannah Levy Judaica Mezuzah Case
Modern designed Mezuzah Case!
Dannah Levy Modern Hanukkah Menorah
Elegant, minimalistic and beautiful handmade Hanukkah candle holder made of ceramics.
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