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Side exterior, south west view of Split Light home, by (fer) studio | NONAGON.style
(fer) studio


California, USA
(fer) studio

(fer) is a contemporary architecture and design practice with a strong interest in producing work that contributes to the larger cultural arena.

Established in 2002, (fer) works towards closing the gap between what are considered everyday ‘buildings’ and what one calls ‘architecture’. Each project inspires contextual dialogue, a reflection of the social, economic and cultural environment, and through intensive study on the space.

Based in Inglewood, California, (fer) studio is at the epicenter of a new wave of urban renewal and restoration. The architecture firm is part of a surge of urban explorers (and intrepid investors) including many writers, artists, designers and entrepreneurs who have discovered the city in their search for affordable live/work spaces and brick-and-mortar retail storefronts.

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