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South Korea

Founded by Jong-Su Kim. The designer worked as an art director at graphic / picture book company and major company for ten years before starting the brand.

In 2013,  he started ilsangisang design studio. After imagining and observing natural phenomena derived from the essence of objects and nature, it is visually interpreted. To produce a diverse living interior products designed suitable for local and foreign market. Such as designing Umbra’s wall clock in 2016, multiple design projects and collaborations are also ongoing and the brand is growing as ever.

Products by ilsangisang

ilsangisang Light Shelf
$ 120.00
ilsangisang Fall in Wine Wine Stand
The moment of pouring wine has been realistically expressed.
$ 11.00
ilsangisang Surface Vase
If a vase is filled with undried water and a mug is always filled with coffee, it must be so convenient.
$ 34.00
ilsangisang Oh-Mobile
As the movements of mobile are so delicate and subtle that it just seems like looking into a dream.
$ 15.00
ilsangisang SOULeaf wallart
Plant leaves photosynthesize with the use of light, and this natural action has been visualized with this product.
$ 28.00
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