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Turquoise sofa helps frame this gorgeous fireplace, with eclectic mix of art and decor |
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Chicago, USA
Inspired Interiors

Inspired Interiors use design to transform the way you live, love, work, and function.


Comprised of accomplished and creative professionals, each with a unique skill set ranging from highly technical knowledge to astute project management, the Inspired Interiors team has completed projects ranging from sleek city penthouses and stately suburban estates to high-powered corporate offices and boutique hospitality spaces.

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Cat Dish
A suitable size for a serving plate, the black cat porcelain dish is also a cute option for a catch-all tray. Keep it near the front door and have the purr-fect place to stash your keys.
Ceramic Cactus Lamp
Add a charming warm glow to your evening decor with this cute cactus lamp!

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