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Changhua, Taiwan
No.30 Design

No.30 is a brand that has been designing and producing lifestyle and office decor for over forty years. The brand is inspired by the metal, zinc, which is the assigned number 30 on the periodic table.

Located in Changhua, Taiwan, the father of the company and his daughter originally had this idea because they believed that good design should be cheerful and relaxing, and to withstand the test of time. No.30 is also determined to keep the generations-long art of zinc casting. Recently, they worked with Office for Product Design, Yun Li and several designers to explore new possibilities with copper, aluminum and glass. In 2018 and 2019, the brand showcased its “Cheerful Working Collection” at Maison et Objet Paris.

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No.30 Pencil Sharpener
The design for our pencil sharpener was inspired by Japanese capsule toys aka gashapon. The top is an integrally-formed aluminum sharpener while its lower half is a weighted zinc alloy. Resting on its heavy bottom, this egg-shaped pencil sharpener can rock around like a roly-poly toy.
No.30 Scissors with Stand
The form of this item is a reference to cloud images. When given a closer look, it also resembles a humorous face. The scissors can be securely placed upright on the base when not in use. When held, it is possible to feel the strength and quality of these scissors. The base is a weighted zinc alloy while the blades are Teflon coated and non- stick to provide smooth and predictable cutting.
No.30 Tape Dispenser
The design of this item is based on natural landscapes. When viewed closely, it represents an image of a mountain accompanied by the moon or sun. A creative gadget was added to the bottom of the tape dispenser that enables its rotation. It also produces a ticking sound when it's body is rotated. This can create a soul healing moment for a better mood in the workplace. It’s also a faithful and reliable companion to the work table.
No.30 Stapler
The design of this stapler resembles an image of a tree. When held, it feels very solid and stable, which brings a sense of quality and durability to the stapler.  
No.30 Glasses Holder
A pair of glasses on this glasses holder resembles a humorous face. A little something to enhance the mood in the workplace.
No.30 Tablet Rack
This mini Pac-Man shaped object is actually a clever phone stand. When held in the hand, the quality and weight are very noticeable. It also has a sleek black design which makes it very appealing.
No.30 Cable Organizer 1
This circle shaped cable organizer can fix a cable with its die-cast metal weight. It is solid black and smooth to the touch. With a wire slot at the bottom allowing wire organisation on desk.
No.30 Cable Organizer 2
This bean shaped cable organizer can fix two thin cables with its die-cast metal weight. It's solid black and smooth to the touch. With a wire slot at the bottom allowing wire organisation on desk.

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