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New Zealand / China
Serene Life Art Workshop

In Chinese culture, there are some fish idioms signifying blessings and luckiness. Lilian Lee, the founder of Serene Life Art, is in love with the stunning 3D goldfish paintings created by layers of resin and paint under an inspiration from Japanese artist Riusuke Fukahori. Lilian and her talented team offer extraordinary and exclusive resin artwork with their enjoyment in creating realistic 3D resin paintings.

They believe that the unique and original resin art is a very special gift on special days. They produce resin accessories, fluid art and resin wood furniture with the aspiration of sharing the amazing one-of-a-kind 3D resin painting to people.

Products by Serene Life Art Workshop

Serene Life Art Workshop Framed Tancho Koi Fish Resin Painting Wall Art
Steady but dynamic. Feel the water movement with the realistic fishes.
Serene Life Art Workshop Koi Fish Couple Enjoying Cherry Blossoms
Stunning art piece inspired by Japanese Sakura blossoms.
Serene Life Art Workshop Three Koi Resin Painting Bamboo Bowl
With gleaming scales and beautiful movement, these little fishes just like plucking straight out of the water.
Serene Life Art Workshop Ocean Wave Around Islands Resin Table
Could you imagine an ocean wave on your coffee table?
Serene Life Art Workshop 20 Red Koi Resin Painting
Vibrant pool for the fishes!
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