Creative Cacti Arrangements and Stunning Succulents |
Creative Cacti Arrangements and Stunning Succulents

Creative Cacti Arrangements and Stunning Succulents

How to arrange these pretties at home

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on July 10th 2019
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Beautiful and bold, succulents have become popular in recent years for their colorful patterns, instagramability and the perfect choice for those yet to nurture their green thumb. While the terms are sometimes used interchangeably, succulents are plants that store water in their roots, stems and leaves, making cacti a type of succulent. You too can combine different types of succulents or make creative cacti arrangements with this handy guide.

Choosing Your Pot

Whatever you choose to put your arrange your succulents, consider that they require well draining potting mix as they don’t like wet roots. You can make your own potting mix by blending soil with sand and pumice. If choosing containers without a draining hole (like teacups or bowls), make sure to layer the bottom with pebbles to keep the soil from getting too damp.

Choosing Colors

Pick colors that work to the same color palette. Many cacti and succulents are green, but there are a range of other colors too. When you’re picking your plants, you will want to consider whether they have similar rates of needing water or light. Not all plants can handle being in direct sunlight for long periods of time.

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Choosing an Arrangement

Think about mixing color and textures of your succulent plants, using ones that hang or trail around the outside. If you’re planning something that will be seen from one angle, you can place smaller succulents towards the back and shorter ones at the front so they are more visible.


For a successful and long lasting you want to make the conditions as similar  as possible to how they would naturally grow in the wild. This can affect the type of soil, how often they get light, or when you water them. Using stones and moss can be a great way to add flavor and flair to the design.

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