The Easy Spring Cleaning Guide to Give Your Home a Fresh Start |
The Easy Spring Cleaning Guide to Give Your Home a Fresh Start

The Easy Spring Cleaning Guide to Give Your Home a Fresh Start

Here's how to give your home a refresh from top to bottom

Written by –
Vanessa Louie
on March 12th 2018
Hygge is home for Vanessa. If you're wondering how she likes to keep her house, think tidy and uncluttered. She even has a personal Pinterest board featuring only white colored homes, appealing to her minimal design aesthetic.

With roots dating back to religious customs and cultural traditions, spring cleaning is done in celebratory fashion to welcome longer days, and warmer months. After all, bluer skies and floral blooms aren’t just beautiful sights to behold, they’re also a great reminder to start fresh, especially at home! Beyond dusting surfaces and simple decluttering, spring cleaning is all about deep cleaning the house inside out. And whether or not it’s a task you enjoy, it’s important to keep an eye out for hard to reach spaces and seldom used items to make sure you’re springing forward to a tidier, cleaner abode. To help keep you on track, we’ve put together a simple guide to spring cleaning you can easily follow. Read on.

Start with the Ceiling

Granted there’s no reason for footprints and pen marks to appear on the ceiling, it’s still notorious for collecting cobwebs and discoloration.

Dust Those Nooks and Crannies

Whether you own a ceiling fan, a chandelier, or recessed ceilings, they’re capable of collecting dust and other particles if left uncleaned. Make sure you do a thorough dusting and wiping of lighting, ceiling trims and other ceiling accents. Kitchen and bathroom ceilings also tend to develop mold due to moisture, so have your cleaning solutions such as water-diluted bleach and detergent ready.

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Work on Those Walls

Plain walls, shelves, hanging lamps, and framed photographs – you name it! They could all use a little TLC.

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Clean Out the Pantry

Spring cleaning is the perfect opportunity to sort out your pantry and weed out food items that have gone past their expiration date. This includes condiments, fruit jams, and canned goods. We’ve talked a lot about open shelving do’s and don’ts so consider spring cleaning a practice that goes hand in hand with great shelf organization.


 Organize the Cupboards

While you’re at it, give your kitchenware collection a good clean and let go of pots and pans that are past their prime.

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Your cherished books shouldn’t be neglected either. Clean each book individually to get rid of dust and debris and restore pages and covers that are at the risk of falling off. Choose some of the books to give away and make space for more.


Art and Decor

The same goes with art or photographs hung on the wall, since they’re especially prone to changes in temperature and humidity. Give each piece a gentle wipe down and consider switching photos around in frames.

Wash the Windows

This one’s fairly obvious, but anything with glass or mirrored surfaces should be kept squeaky clean as often as possible.

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Squeaky Clean

Depending on where you live, windows and glass screen doors go through extreme weather conditions like heavy rain and snow just to protect your interiors. If you don’t want grime and dust to make a permanent home out of your windows, make it a point to wipe them down with a glass cleaner. Remember, windows are responsible for letting sunlight into your home so the cleaner they are, the brighter your home gets!

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Scrub Those Surfaces

Possibly one of the easiest tasks to complete during a spring clean.

Open plan dining room and kitchen featuring slanted walls | Two Halves House by Moloney Architects |
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Table Sweep

Tables, countertops, benches, mantelpieces and other flat surfaces should be wiped with a damp cloth with water or detergent. While you may already be doing this on a daily basis for the dining table and kitchen islands, coffee tables, TV stands and drawers might not be receiving as much care as they should be. Especially with kids in the house it’s better to be safe than sorry, by keeping surfaces sanitized rather than risk their health with allergy-inducing dust particles.

Refresh Your Furnishings

Give those curtains and cushion covers a wash, and remove grime off the sofa!

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Wipe Down Furniture

Your key furniture pieces get used on a daily basis, so they often end up as a basin of breadcrumbs, wine stains or water spills. Watch our guide on how to remove wine stains from different surfaces and make sure your settee gets a good refresh.


Wash Pillows and Flip the Mattress

Wash your pillows and cushions; they get full of dust mites. If you don’t have a washer large enough take them to be dry cleaned. Remember to flip your mattress, too.

Finish Off with the Floors

After everything is done, mop those floors and vacuum rugs and carpets.

Lisbon apartment features striking hardwood floors! |
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Entryways, living room floors and bathrooms get the most foot traffic and it’s only natural that they start showing signs of wear and dirt. I suggest bringing out your most powerful vacuum to get to every nook and cranny of your home, and brandish that mop to get floors sparkly clean.

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Deep Clean the Carpet

Cleaning the carpet can get a little tricky, but it’s worth the effort if it means prolonging the life of your carpet. You can choose to get it professionally cleaned, or use a cleaning solution and a steam cleaner.

Did we forget anything? Let us know your spring cleaning routine in the comments below!


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