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What Does a Sustainable Eco-Wellness Home Actually Look Like?

What Does a Sustainable Eco-Wellness Home Actually Look Like?

Liquid Interiors reveals all

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on July 26th 2019
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Mount Pavilia

There’s no denying that ‘sustainability’ and ‘eco-wellness’ are trending buzzwords in today’s design climate, but have you ever wondered how these abstract concepts play out in reality? In other words, what does a sustainable eco-wellness home actually look like? And what practical design features are needed to make a space more eco-focused?


While there is a wealth of online information available on this topic, there’s nothing quite like seeing with your own eyes how it should be done. Cue Liquid Interiors’ Mount Pavilia project, which stands out for its accessible and tech-forward approach to all things eco. Keep scrolling to see more.

Eco-Wellness Home Tour: Open plan living room with warm wood and natural textures and black rattan armchair detail by Liquid Interiors |

“The flat encourages lifestyle choices that improve health and the environment, and is a unique showcase to the world of a beautiful and homey family living space that focuses on love and connection as well as pioneering design.” – Rowena Gonzales, Designer and Founder of Liquid Interiors

Eco-Wellness Home Tour: Boho eclectic living room with sofa and warm textures designed by Liquid Interiors |

Show and Tell

Situated within the Mount Pavilia development in Hong Kong’s Clearwater Bay, this 1750 sq ft family home lays claim to being Asia’s first eco-wellness show flat. It was created in collaboration with Hong Kong developer New World Development, and aims to demonstrate the importance of wellness in residential design.

Eco-Wellness Home Tour: Eclectic living room with plant details and warm wood textures designed by Liquid Interiors |

As such, the project – led by award-winning designer Rowena Gonzales – is packed full of innovative sustainable living features which work to improve the health and environment of its future occupants.

Eco-Wellness Home Tour: Living room design by Liquid Interiors featuring eclectic black basket-weave armchair design and warm textures |

“The residents are likely to be a typical busy Hong Kong family with two parents, one child and grandparents living in a home together with a helper. They’re a family that cares about their health and appreciates nature and their connection with their environment, and want to maximize that connection in a Hong Kong setting.”

Eco-Wellness Home Tour: Open plan living and dining space with indoor outdoor connection and warm African inspired aesthetic |

Out of Africa

Design-wise, the interiors embody eclectic warmth. “We took inspiration from the African Savannah,” explains Gonzales. Think neutral tones and organic textures, such as the abundance of wood and woven accents. “The styling was kept natural and quite neutral rather than iconic, whilst retaining a global essence.”

Eco-Wellness Home Tour: Living room with warm textual aesthetic and lots of plant details |
Eco-Wellness Home Tour: Coffee table styling by Liquid Interiors featuring succulent details and wood textures |

“I think it comes through when you enter the flat that we have created a true home that centers on the health and well-being of the family living there. In every design decision we have focused on a home that is a sanctuary and escape away from everyday life.”

Eco-Wellness Home Tour: Outdoor garden with low height furniture and wood accents |


“From the beginning of any new project we take a healthy and eco-approach, placing emphasis on understanding our clients’ health, wellness and environmental priorities,” shares Gonzales. “We are focused on finding positive solutions to designing spaces and bringing luxury healthy living to our clients where wellness and sustainability take the lead, providing healthier and happier homes.”

When it came to the design of this particular apartment, the Liquid Interiors team first looked to their tried and true ten point list of healthy and sustainable living concepts. These include clean air, clean water, wellness technology (e.g. circadian lighting), transformable living, and healthy eating. The thought process behind these originates from international building criteria set forth by LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) and the WELL Building Standard.

Eco-Wellness Home Tour: Outdoor garden with low height seating and wood dining table |

Out and Out

In practical terms, this has resulted in some beautiful forward-thinking sustainable design features. Inspired by the ‘connect’ concept for instance, a beautiful outdoor garden linked to the interior by way of a floor-to-ceiling folding glass wall of windows allows for connectivity with nature.

Eco-Wellness Home Tour: Outdoor garden with contemporary fire pit and eclectic rattan chairs designed by Liquid Interiors |
Eco-Wellness Home Tour: Bright vibrant eclectic rug and cushion textures in the garden of Liquid Interiors' Mount Pavilia home |

“The flat woven all-weather outdoor rug, together with all other rugs in this show flat, are certified as free of child labor by Goodweave and Care & Fair. They have been dyed with environmentally friendly dyes, and the outdoor rug was woven with recycled plastic bottle yarn.”

Eco-Wellness Home Tour: Contemporary kitchen with cultivator, juice bar and decomposter tech for a healthy and zero-waste lifestyle |

Health is Wealth

In the kitchen, innovative tech makes living a health-focused, zero waste lifestyle a breeze. Features to note include the built-in cultivator, juice bar and food decompster.

Eco-Wellness Home Tour: Contemporary kitchen with juice bar and tech cultivator for healthy living |

“Growing microgreens and herbs to use for salads and juicing is a wonderful way of bringing nature, a sustainable food growing system and healthy eating into the home,” enthuses Gonzales. “Combined with the rapid composter, this creates a circular system. The fertilizer created by the kitchen food decomposer can be used to sustain the garden. This type of feature can really connect people with an eco-lifestyle.”

Eco-Wellness Home Tour: Modern eclectic bedroom with earthy gray and brown leather aesthetic |

Sleep Easy

Beyond diet, a good night’s sleep is essential to a healthy lifestyle. Luckily for the occupants of this apartment, the bedrooms have been especially designed to meet the optimum environment for rest.

Eco-Wellness Home Tour: Bright nature-themed bedroom with wood ceiling and organic textured rug |

“Good wellness design is actually often about supporting the simple things in life,” notes Gonzales. “Everybody needs good quality sleep, and the smart home circadian lighting system in this room creates the perfect environment for this.”

Eco-Wellness Home Tour: Master bedroom with natural wood headboard and bedding in neutral earthy tones |

“Circadian lighting mimics the color temperature of the sun. As the resident wakes up, dawn simulation gently increases the amount of light in the room as blackout blinds slowly retract and the sound of chirping birds plays in the background. The temperature in the room is slightly elevated to allow for the resident to wake in a pleasant setting.”

Eco-Wellness Home Tour: Nature-themed bedroom details with dark wood side table and plant accent |

“As the resident goes to bed, the temperature is lowered, blackout shades are automatically closed and the lights are slowly turned off. A short ocean track helps to clear the mind and relax the body into sleep.”

Eco-Wellness Home Tour: Functional storage with natural wood door |

Work It

Elsewhere, a transformable study meets exercise and meditation space directly targets the stress inherent in Hong Kong’s high pressure work environment.

Eco-Wellness Home Tour: Bright home office with transformable work station and ergonomic chair |
Eco-Wellness Home Tour: Bright home office with transformable work station and open shelving |

Here, a sit and stand ergonomic workstation works to improve posture and reduce health risks when working. At the same time, this workstation can be hidden to allow for a clutter-free environment conducive to exercise and relaxation.

Eco-Wellness Home Tour: Whimsical kids bedroom with bunk bed to maximize floor space and fairy lights |

Final Thoughts

Whilst it’s true that we’ve covered many eco-focused design projects on the site before (see here and here), Liquid Interiors’ Mount Pavilia draws attention for its vibrant beauty and easy charm. It’s at once accessible and practical – all of the design features make sense within the context of healthy living, rather than existing just for the sake of eco-appearances.

Eco-Wellness Home Tour: Styled garden with plant and rattan design details |

Looking to add some sustainability into your own home? We turned to Gonzales for her expert advice. “In general, I would say to break down all the elements that you can improve and take small steps to work towards a more eco-wellness focused home. Inform yourself and don’t get trapped with green washing. Make sure that you understand the basics of low VOC materials and write in the contractor’s contract that if the transparency of the eco-materials are not revealed before execution that they will not be able to collect payments.”


“Ultimately your home needs to be your healthy, stress-free sanctuary, and that should be the overall aim of any changes you might make.”

What do you think of this eco-wellness home?


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