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Editor’s Round-up of August

Editor’s Round-up of August

With this article you can still catch the August's tail

Cristina Ng
Written by –
Cristina Ng
on August 28th 2019
As a Gemini, Cristina is always curious about life and pursuing to challenge herself. She is invested in telling good stories to more people and zealous about video shooting and editing.

She believes to be new is to be young again.

Hi there, I am Cristina from the editorial team. At the end of August, it’s time for me to guide you a five-minute tour to see what touched us in this month. With this article you can still catch the August’s tail!

Architecture Projects


During this August, we introduced several pioneering architecture projects ranging from France to China for our audience.


This French country farmhouse is a five building complex that is built on top of 13th century Roman ruins. It once looked like this:

SCAD Lacoste: Maison Basse

But it now has been redesigned as a bucolic campus where nearly 400 students study photography, animation, weaving, among sweeping vistas of the lavender fields.

SCAD Lacoste: Interior of La Maison Basse in fall 2012 | NONAGON.style


There is a similar case in China. The Architectural Design Institute of South China University of Technology completed a not-for-profit youth development facility rooted in the mountain village, where used to be an abandoned primary school.

Raleigh Campsite: Platforms facing the natural environment | NONAGON.style

Its must-see feature is the extensive use of Bamboo as this particular material is abundantly available in the region. Due to its impressive versatility, rigidity and density of usage, Bamboo has been prominently applied for construction.


Have a quick look at the Bamboo architecture


Also in China, we find a 3,6000-square-meter book-themed commercial complex. With the core theme of “book” running through the entire space, it all embedded two 18m-high and 240m-long artistic book walls of the open hall space with books.



For this month’s inspiration, we provided some tips about home authenticity with placemaking to help you show your own identity and attitude toward life when design home.




If you want to create an inspiring and explorative space for your vigorous children, you shouldn’t miss this article. Tunnels and slides make the Vermont Ski House a paradise for children to run and hide.

Vermont vacation ski house has slides and hidden passages to create flow between the rooms | NONAGON.style


Framed with bright yellow and blue neon, this store seems entirely unrelated to a bookstore. But it is the new store of Spanish book publisher RUBIO. The space is a joy for both the adults who grew up with RUBIO books, and the children discovering them now.


Disney and Star Wars joined forces to bring a new surprise for their fans. Crafted by a famed Filipino designer, the Star Wars furniture collection has been now showcased in the Philippine site of Disney.

Star Wars Collection: Imperial Wings Easy Armchair black | NONAGON.style



We are glad to have a close talk with the low-key champion of the Affordable Art — Andy Blank. He believes that an artist’s personality sells their pieces, and Andy Blank’s art is his personality. He said “it tells a better story about who I am better than a headshot ever could.”

Facial Features | High quality affordable artwork by Brooklyn artist Andy Blank | NONAGON.style


We also interviewed Aleksandar Eftimovski, a sculptor who falls in love with stone, bronze and wood. In his eyes, “the material itself has its own characteristics like texture and colors that have a story”, and he just acts as a bridge to deliver their living personalities to the audience.

Together we re-discovered three master architects and their key projects

Zaha Hadid | NONAGON.style


This Iraqi-British architect is one of the most famous female architects. She is also known as the first woman to receive the Pritzker Architecture Prize and made a Dame by Queen Elizabeth II for services to architecture. Hadid was the first (and still only) woman honored with the Royal Gold Medal from the Royal Institute of British Architects.

American architect and designer Michael Graves in a1962 photograph | NONAGON.style
Architect Michael Grave in a 1962 photograph | image source


American architect and designer Michael Graves was one of the most celebrated architects of the 20th century, and was credited as a pioneering figure who spearheaded the postmodernist movement in the 1980s and ’90s. At the age of 69, he suffered from partial paralysis but persevered to design in his wheelchair.

Furniture designer and architect Eileen Gray | NONAGON.style


This modernist furniture designer and architect was one of the most celebrated and revered in the interwar years, yet forgotten for much of her later life. Now, with history looking back at neglected female designers of the 21st century, Eileen Gray is being rediscovered, and now considered influential in her designs.

Thank you for accompanying us on the trip of August. Glad to know you on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.


See you in September!


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