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Editor’s Round-up of October

Editor’s Round-up of October


Cristina Ng
Written by –
Cristina Ng
on October 31st 2019
As a Gemini, Cristina is always curious about life and pursuing to challenge herself. She is invested in telling good stories to more people and zealous about video shooting and editing.

She believes to be new is to be young again.

Hi there, I am Cristina from the editorial team. October flies as fast as Autumn! But still, we shared some common memories in this month’s journey. Now let’s take five minutes to look back on what inspired us in October.

Home Design Inspiration


White has been the colour of choice for new kitchens for a long time. Other colours for interior fashion come and go, but white has stood the test of time. A quick glance at kitchen trend predictions for 2020 and beyond will tell you in no uncertain terms that white is back on the menu.

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image source


Architect Shirley Shen designed a single-story, zero-barrier home for her grandparents in Canada, where they can age in place. As her grandparents are two Chinese scholars, Shen used their cultural background as the basis, but designed it in a modern way.

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Halloween is the most anticipated festival in October. It’s a thrilling time to play dress-up and trick-or-treat, also definitely the perfect chance to show your creativity. However, using pumpkins and skulls every year to decorate your house may just bore yourself and your friends. Here we recommend some freaky but inspiring decorations to get your home into Halloween spirit!

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This month, NONAGON.style talked with a Taiwanese brand No.30 and an Australian designer Audrey Gachet, exploring their creative inspiration.


From OEM to design brand, No.30 develops with a vision to connect consumers and products. Their goal is to bring back mindfulness into the user’s life.  As one of No.30’s representative products, “Ganbei” Bottle Opener won a world-renowned Red Dot Award in 2015, because of its unique, timeless and practical design.


home decor interior design inspiration architecture lifestyle furniture ganbei bottle opener no.30 studio reddot
Collection of no.30's excellent products, all containing Zinc as its major material. | image source


Born in Australia, grew up in South-west France, artist Audrey Gachet took her love for nature and beach to another step by starting her own hand-paint home product line. Audrey is known for her delicate watercolour hand paint skills. With each and every stroke full of tender and sentimental touch, every item is unique.

interior design home decor inspiration architecture
A happy-looking Audrey Gachet holding her paintbrush in her workshop



South Korean photographer Kim Woo Young held his debut exhibition in Hong Kong this month. He uses the camera as the recording tool, to capture the meaning of dilapidated and abandoned settings, especially those that are marginalized by the modern era, society and people. At the very first sight, it is hard to recognize his works as photographs but as paintings. Due to the minimalistic nature and the little-to-none indications of the third dimension, Kim’s work just seems like lifeless walls of colours.

home decor | interior design | inspiration | architecture

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See you in November!


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