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Designing a Dream Home

Designing a Dream Home

Metal finishes are the perfect bits for stylish modern steampunk

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on October 25th 2016
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Modern Steampunk


Natasha Dixon

Cheryl and Hank, the proud owners of this gorgeous two story home in Edmonton, Canada, are a wonderful couple. Their life revolves around travel, business, family and friends. In their leisure time they both enjoy cooking, fine wine and great company, so they wanted a home that would reflect their tastes and enable their lifestyle.


To live in the house of their dreams, Cheryl and Hank decided to get one built for themselves. This, however, was not an easy journey. Their first home had a great structure but the interiors were not styled to their requirements, which left them disappointed. But they were determined and made sure that their second attempt was not futile.

Black marble fireplace with a cream colored sofa |

After their second home was built, they wanted it styled to perfection. Their main requirements were to have a luxurious but liveable home. In terms of preferred design styles, both the owners have different tastes. While Cheryl is more traditional and likes country style interiors, Hank prefers contemporary modern designs. When Marie Hebson of interiorsBYDESIGNinc was consulted for the interiors, she made sure both these design styles were incorporated in perfect sync.

Black walls with marble fireplace |
Living room with double level ceiling |

Cheryl is an event planner, so she also wanted a kind of space where she could easily entertain clients and hold meetings. So the home needed to be dressed to impress. This luxurious living room is perfectly styled to fit both work and family gatherings. It is comfortable but also well suited for formal events.

Gold and silver decor on the console table |
Console table with lighting sconces |

Gold accents and beautiful minimal accessories have been used around the house to add a luxe touch. The larger color palette revolves around black, white and gray, which is complemented by stunning embellishments in a carefully curated decor. However, the main focus is always on the purpose of that particular area. As the owners had requested, the home is sophisticated yet approachable, with usability as the central element defining every room.

Black living room decor with white sofa |
Black living room with staircase and atrium |
Marble fireplace and black walls with cream furnishings |
Living room in Canada with a black wall and furs |

In most parts of the house, the flooring is a light colored timber. It helps in keeping the decor bright and makes the rooms look even more spacious. The yellowish floors also create a beautiful contrast with the darker wood and black pieces of furniture.


A lot of things around the house were custom designed. The fireplace in the living room with a hidden TV and media cabinet on top is one of them. The black stained oak looks gorgeous, especially with the black granite stone around the fireplace. Hebson told us that execution of this corner was the most difficult part of the project, but all turned out as planned and the results are worth the effort.

Coffee table decor |
Open plan dining room and kitchen |

The muted gray walls act as a perfect backdrop to the beautiful layout. I love the clean lines and defined spaces in this home. It has a cozy feel to it, with posh features that uplift the decor. The giant suspended ball in the middle of the living area is an edgy alternative to a traditional chandelier. It adds an interesting focal element to the room, and also fills up the void created by the double height ceiling.

Open plan living room view of dining area |
Kitchen and round metal chandelier above the dining table |
Antler decor with green plants |

Every decorative item in the house has been thoughtfully picked to enhance the spaces around it. Even though most of them are brass or golden in color, they have been paired well with complementary tones to balance out the overall effect.

Kitchen island breakfast bar |

The open plan kitchen is what the owners loved the most about their new home. I am sure they are enjoying having friends and family over for lavish gatherings. The all-white kitchen cabinets and black countertops look spectacular, and the breakfast corner around the kitchen island is perfect for more casual meals.


The marble top of the kitchen island looks similar to the granite stone near the fireplace. These subtle connections in the decor create a continuity in style and make the design more coherent.

Dining table and breakfast bar in the kitchen |
Round metal chandelier above the dining table |

An elegant and minimal dining area pairs well with the rest of monochromatic furnishings. The solid wood dining table adds a hint of country style furniture, but the black leather chairs give it a more contemporary look. It’s a perfect blend of the two styles.

Kitchen area with modern classical styles |
Kitchen island |

Top of the line appliances, great lighting and lots of storage space make this kitchen a perfect space for the couple who love cooking. The crystal jars on the kitchen island are filled with delicious treats adding a nice touch to the kitchen decor.

Kitchen with a white and black decor theme |
Kitchen with white and black decor |
Breakfast bar |
Open plan living room and dining room with a round chandelier |

In this aerial view you can see how the layout enables free movement around different segments of the living area. Also, even though furniture of different materials, colors and textures has been used in these segments, it blends in beautifully creating a well crafted eclectic space.

Double height room with an upstairs study and a downstairs living room |
Home office in Edmonton house, Canada |

This home office corner was custom designed for this nook. It is adjacent to the home library, so it enables an efficient work atmosphere. It is also close to the master suite, making the first floor a personal and functional space.

Master bedroom with charcoal bed and millenial pink bedding |

The master bedroom has a spa-like ambiance. The headboard and the wall at the back was custom designed for this room. The earthy tones make it a luxurious and relaxed space. All the little details like the soft lighting, decorative pillows and accessories have been carefully curated, which make this room a special space.

Gray bed with pink and gold bedding |
Master bedroom and ensuite bathroom, with wooden slats |

The bathroom ensuite is a luxurious extension of the bedroom. It consists of a shower, bathtub and dressing area, which is connected to the walk-in closet. The slatted divider visually creates a sense of larger space and since there are no windows in the bathroom area, it also helps in letting the light through. A closed wall would otherwise make the bathroom look dark and dull.

Ensuite bathroom with wood wall divider |
Bathtub in ensuite bathroom |
Ensuite bathroom with a standalone bathtub |

The shimmering tiles and chandelier make the shower impressive. All the bling will make sure that the owners have a bright and shining morning every day.

Master bedroom |
Gold lamp above the bed |
Walk in closet and shared wardrobe |

The master bedroom wing of the house was interior designer Hebson’s favorite part of the entire design. She says she enjoyed designing it and then watching it come to life. This generously sized walk-in closet is absolutely stunning and has ample storage space for both the owners’ clothes and accessories.

Bedroom with warm tones, lilac bedding |

The guest bedrooms are comfortable and relaxed. They are both cozy minimal spaces with warm tones and aesthetics that are in line with the rest of the house.

Bedroom with warm tones, lilac bedding |
Black powder room with a striking lighting design |
Black powder room with dramatic lighting sconces |

The guest bathroom has some stunning features. Mostly black interiors with a beautiful dark wallpaper and gorgeous floral lamps with gold trims makes it a statement bathroom to impress the guests.

White armchair and a telescope |
Telescope and armchair in the upstairs playroom |

This hallway library on the first floor was also custom designed. The beautiful black bookcases and the art niche was designed keeping in mind the owners’ requirements and art collections. It displays all their prized possessions, books and artwork collected over the years. The wingback chair is perfect for reading and the telescope is for midnight star gazing.

Bird's eye view of open plan living room and dining area |

This home overlooking the Trumperter Lake is just as stunning inside, as the gorgeous views outdoors. Designer Marie Hebson was praised by the owners who thanked her for bringing their dream home to life. This is what they had to say:


I loved working with Marie! 

She is the most creative interior designer I have had the pleasure of working with. As we were a new house build, she also is very knowledgeable about areas of construction and was able to deal with the house builder and/or the trade people with ease.

Her response time was prompt, always working within our personal schedules, even if that mean late evening conference calls. Marie always provided us with numerous options, often hitting the mark even before we could articulate what we really wanted.


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