These Educational Wall Ideas are Perfect for Kids |
This Educational Wall Decor is Perfect for Kids’ Rooms

This Educational Wall Decor is Perfect for Kids’ Rooms

Because education begins at home

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on October 12th 2016
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The life of a parent isn’t easy. There’s always a lot to do, plan, re-plan and re-organize. But between the play-dates and cute cuddles, there is one thing every parent is always worried about – a well rounded development and education for their child. While we all make sure our kids get into the best schools and finish their homework on time, some easy cues around the home can ensure your child’s positive outlook towards their studies. Read on for some fun and stylish educational wall decor ideas for your kids’ room.

Easy as ABC

Moms, we know your hands are full at all times. So when you’re working in the kitchen or laundry and your baby is crying for attention, this whimsical alphabet wall decal might come in handy!

Bright and colorful alphabet educational wall decor for kids |

Stick it on the wall where you spend most of your time with the kids and while you’re busy doing the chores, ask them to read these out loud. The fun and colorful stickers will keep them engaged, helping them to learn their alphabet way before school starts.

Add Fun to Numbers

Just like the alphabet, keep these numbers close as well.

Colorful counting caterpillar educational wall decor |

We love the colorful counting caterpillar, and this learning to count wall decal will add so much fun to numbers. Visual cues are important for young ones, and these colorful images are sure to stay with them for a long time.

Colorful 'Learning to Count' educational wall decor for kids |

Growth Charts

As you watch them grow taller, add some wilderness education to their height charts.

Educational Wall Decor: Ocean-themed 'Under the Sea' growth chart |

The Under the Sea growth chart will help them learn about aquatic creatures, while the animals riding steam trains will introduce your kids to the mighty creatures of the jungle. It will be so much more fun watching the classics like Finding Nemo and Madagascar with these wall decals in their room!

Educational Wall Decor: Animal-themed growth chart for kids |

Solar Studies

Once they have learnt their basics and it’s time to move on to serious topics, these murals will make complex things like the solar system more fun and magical.

Space-themed educational wall decor for kids |

This handmade solar system wall decal will be a fun activity to install, whilst the wall mural below is ideal for young science geniuses who have their hearts set on knowing everything about our universe.

Space-themed educational wall decor |

Phases of the Moon

Our planet’s satellite does much more than circle around the earth.

'Phases of the Moon' educational wall decor |

Teach them about the phases of the moon and why it slowly disappears before turning full again. The starry night decals will also make for some beautiful wall decor.

Healthy Habits

How many times have you negotiated with your kids to make them brush their teeth before bed?

'Healthy Habits' educational wall decor |

This bright smile mural will help you with the tough talk and the part that shows tooth decay will be a visual reminder for them to take brushing teeth seriously. It might even help you ration the candy intake! This mural can be custom ordered in any size you want.

World Maps

Knowing about our blue planet is important. Teach your kids about all the countries and continents, seas and oceans, and the animal kingdom with these stunning wall murals.

World map educational wall decor for kids |

A Color in the world map poster is a great educational tool. It will familiarize them quickly with the names and positions of the countries. Meanwhile this world map wall sticker will help them match the animals to their native continent. Overall, it’s a fun way to learn about our world.

Coloring world map educational wall decor for kids |

Periodic Table

Chemistry is so much fun, but not knowing all the elements can make it stressful.

Periodic table educational wall decor |

We agree that the periodic table is not really the easiest thing to remember, and that is where this wall mural will help out your kids. This periodic table wall mural can also be custom made to fit any wall.

What kind of educational tools do you use around the house? Let us know in the comments!


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