An Igloo Keeps You Warm, and So Does an Egloo |
An Igloo Keeps You Warm, and So Does an Egloo

An Igloo Keeps You Warm, and So Does an Egloo

Taking Kickstarter by storm, Italian Art-focused start up seeks to warm your hands and heart

Isobel McKenzie
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Isobel McKenzie
on November 24th 2017
Originally from London, Isobel is enthralled by the curves and lines that make up a city. It's fascinating to see how modern skyscrapers and historic landmarks muddle together. Her Instagram feed @Isobel_McKenzie is usually full of spiral staircases and tall buildings. Can also be found on Twitter.. sometimes.

Dome shaped and glowing, the Egloo is a curious creation. In the age of technology where everything is WiFi-enabled, USB plug-in or battery operated, Italian studio Art is Therapy created the Egloo by going back to basics.

Artisan workshops in Italy are the starting point for the Egloo heaters. Domes are created on a potter’s wheel, crafted and painted in the artists’ studio.


Check out the video below to see the wheel in action.

Artist workshop in Italy |
Egloo in production |

The Egloo Kickstarter campaign has seen the project soar in the last few weeks, and production has begun on painting the intricate designs for ceramic domes.

Egloos all fired up and ready for glazing |

There are a few components to the Egloo. A terracotta base holds a metal frame, where candles or burning refills sit. A grill rests on top, which allows air into the chamber. Heat generates and spreads to the external chamber, turning the Egloo into a mini heater. It can reach to a temperature of 180° C (that’s 356° F).

Egloo components |

They’ve even begun to paint the Egloos in different patterns and styles.

Speckled white and black egloo dome |
Egloo sits on the shelf |

It’s surprising to me how warm a heater can get from just a few candles. We at the office can see how this would be a great addition to the patio table at winter time, or even as a low cost way to heat your home this winter.

Check out the Kickstarter project to find out more, and leave us a comment to share your favorite!


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