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Exhibitions 101: Unmissable Guide to Be A Graceful Visitor

Exhibitions 101: Unmissable Guide to Be A Graceful Visitor

The distance between you and an elegant exhibition visitor is only three steps away.

Cristina Ng
Written by –
Cristina Ng
on December 20th 2019
As a Gemini, Cristina is always curious about life and pursuing to challenge herself. She is invested in telling good stories to more people and zealous about video shooting and editing.

She believes to be new is to be young again.

Recently, performance artist David Datuna ate the duct-taped banana at Art Basel, rippling across the art world. It is definite that he made history with the stunt. However, for our visitors, it is a negative example.


As exhibitions sweep the globe, it has been one of the top check-in destinations in traveling. It’s a good chance for people to raise their aesthetic interest and catch up with the new trending, or just to take some glamorous photos for attracting more likes on your Facebook and Instagram.


As a site filled with masterpieces and something related to fine art and abstract design, to be honest, an exhibition is not such user-friendly to people who are not art worlders. How to visit exhibitions gracefully and appreciate the masterpieces without revealing your professional defect? Fear not, here are some easy-to-learn tips to package your art identity.

Step One – Gather Information


Before going to an exhibition, google the information about the fair and get a touch of the background of artists, works, or brands. Believe me, it will help you grasp the concept of the exhibition quickly and get rid of the state of confusion such as: Where am I? What do these pieces have to do with me? Meanwhile, needful information can avoid you from being lost in the numerous fairs, and make sure that you choose the right one you are really fond of.


There are some websites gathering and providing messages about fairs around the world. Fully exploit them and add the candidates into your calendar. Here are 3 websites we recommend:

exhibition art fair gallery interior design home decor
Artland is a platform that source and trade art. | Go to Artland.com
exhibition art fair gallery interior design home decor
Artsy is a platform for collecting and discovering art. | Go to Artsy.net
exhibition art fair gallery interior design home decor
Artguide is a subcategory of Artforum which provides volume materials about art all around the world. | Go to Artforum.com

Step Two – Wear Decent Garments


When I say decent garments, I don’t mean you need to tuck yourself into the evening gown or formal business suit. Conversely, comfortability is where the decent comes from. Visiting the exhibition is indeed manual labor. Standing for a long time and doing a lot of stop-and-go work are inevitable tortures for your legs, and the torment will rise with the showroom size. Therefore, simply forget about your 5-inch heels. Comfortable and flat shoes will save your day. No hot pants or miniskirts. The air condition in the site won’t let you down. It’s a smart choice to bring a scarf or cardigan with you, which can be used as an accessory in the beginning and thermal cloth one hour later.


No fear of comfortability lowering your fashion sense. “Less is more” is the open secret in the fashion world. In terms of the pattern and color, you can choose your outfit according to the style of the exhibition. Again, gathering relative information is important.

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Step Three – Take Photos


It’s the ultimate purpose of most girls and some guys. Remember, photos are used to set your taste off to advantage, so never ever take selfies with art pieces.


Interaction is a practical shooting tip. Find an Instagrammable background and let your friend shoot your silhouette from behind or side to create an illusion that you are captured by someone when enjoying the fair or thinking about this piece. Mobile phones can also be used as props. If you don’t know how to pose for photographs, then pretend to look at your mobile phone or take photos for the exhibition with it. You will get a good image without embarrassment.

exhibition art fair gallery interior design home decor
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exhibition art fair gallery interior design home decor
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If you are a confident Instagrammer, the above tips certainly are not enough for you. Here is the ultimate tactic: Imitate the art piece, which is also popular among celebrities. It’s time to show your creative talent as well as distinctive aesthetics.

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Going to exhibitions isn’t merely a must-do on your list. In fact, it’s a journey brimming with encounters, interactions, and comprehension. After all, the Earth without Art is just “Eh”.


Do you have any “ostentatious” knacks about attending exhibitions gracefully? Share with us your excellent ideas in the comments below!


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