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Cozy Fall Decor for the Modern Minimalist

Cozy Fall Decor for the Modern Minimalist

These living room decor picks will have you falling for fall

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on September 1st 2018
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While we love our share of summer sun and beach days, we’ll be the first to admit that our heart belongs to fall. Autumn leaves, sweaters and steaming hot mugs of spiced lattes, fall is basically the equivalent of a warm comforting hug. Even better for homebodies, fall is all about doubling down at home, presenting the perfect opportunity to indulge in an autumnal makeover. With this in mind, we’ve made a list of our favorite fall living room decor picks, curated with the modern minimalist in mind. Keep scrolling for more!

Fall Living Room Decor


Cushions are a cozy fall essential. And while we usually advocate the use of cushions as an occasion to bring color and prints into your aesthetic, neutral wabi sabi and cool geometric inspired designs offer an understated way for minimalists to get in on the action.

Fall Living Room Decor: Minimalist wabi sabi-inspired monochrome cushion print | NONAGON.style
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This intricate hand painted cushion commands more interest than a block-colored option, yet is subtle enough to hit the minimalist sweet spot. We love the Japanese wabi sabi look of this piece – it’s a nice reference to the rusticity of fall.

Fall Living Room Decor: Minimalist teal and mint knot cushions | NONAGON.style
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For those looking to make more of a design statement, the Modern Knot Pillow should do the trick. Crafted from 100% knitted cotton, there’s a satisfying symmetry to its elaborate knotted design. Sleek lines and chic monochrome color however, ensures that the overall look is minimalist-ready.


Minimalist or not, a snuggly blanket is a fall living room decor must for cold nights spent in front of a roaring fire. To get the minimalist look, opt for block-color designs in natural organic textures.

Fall Living Room Decor: Blue, gray and white cotton textured blankets | NONAGON.style
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The UltraSoft Cotton Gauze Blanket is the ideal transitional accessory. It’s not as heavy as a traditional wool blanket, but it’ll keep you snug when there’s a light chill in the air.

Fall Living Room Decor: Minimalist tonal soft wool blanket | NONAGON.style
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When it comes to the later fall months, this beautifully soft wool and cotton blanket is where it’s at. Tonal stripes break up the soft gray hue, elevating this woven beauty into luxe design territory.


Although candles are year-round decor heroes, it’s in the fall where they really shine in transforming a space. There’s just something about their warm cozy glow when set against the darkening backdrop of a September night.

Fall Living Room Decor: Minimalist white cubic candle holder | NONAGON.style
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While it would be easy to think of candles as the antithesis to a modern minimalist aesthetic, the Kubus 1 Candle Holder proves otherwise. Its stark cubic design embodies the minimalist spirit, as does its all white veneer. Even its accommodation of just the one candlestick is fittingly spartan!

Fall Living Room Decor: Palo Santo bundle incense | NONAGON.style
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Otherwise, a Palo Santo Bundle in lieu of a traditional candle taps into the ‘back to basics’ element of minimalism. Palo Santo is part of the citrus family and has sweet notes of pine, mint and lemon. The trick is to allow the bundle to burn for up to a minute before blowing out the flames and placing it in a ceramic holder to quietly smolder.

What are your favorite fall living room decor accessories?


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