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How to Do a Family Apartment Packed with Stylish Storage

How to Do a Family Apartment Packed with Stylish Storage

A home tour from Turkey shows us what to do

Isobel McKenzie
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Isobel McKenzie
on March 10th 2018
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Nidapark Küçükyalı Flat


Gonye Proje Tasarim

It’s a problem isn’t it, space? When your family is growing, and so is the price of property, it can be hard to find enough space to keep everything clutter-free. By blending a pared-down way of living, with creating stylish storage like this Turkish home tour, you can find ways to create a warm and modern home looking good even in a family apartment.

Open plan living room and dining area in family apartment |

This project from interior design studio Gonye Proje Tasarim is in Istanbul, Turkey’s largest city and one that connects Europe and Asia. The designers gave priority to functionality when designing the space, wanting to hone a sense of richness and modernity with the aesthetics. One of the top ways to make sure a room feels like it fits is to create a custom design.

Open plan living room and dining area in family apartment |

The family apartment was designed for a couple with a teenage daughter, who wanted to feel cozy and comfortable at home while also maintaining a modern style befitting of its trendy location.


Everyone in the home enjoys cooking, so it felt right to have an open plan kitchen, dining and living room area together so they can hang out together after a busy day.

Stylish kitchen and dining room area |

The 32-square-meter (355-square-foot) living and kitchen area is an awkward trapezoid shape, with walls in an unusual layout. But to balance out the unusual kitchen, the dining table is round and compact creating an anchor point that softens the jaunty angles. It also allows room for the whole family and guests to meet around the table. The kitchen is full of storage around all the available areas, including above and around the fridge.


One element I really like about the room is the drop chandelier above the table. It’s slim and elegant, doing its job while not adding too much bulk in a small space.

Dining table styling with plant centerpiece |
Decor styling in the bedroom |
Headboard and wall created in design with the curtains in this bedroom |

Elongated lines make the room appear larger, matching the color and length of the low headboard with the pattern on the curtains. On the top half of the wall, elegant bronzed metal detailing gives a sharpness and modernity to the room.


Perfectly capturing the colors and mood of the room, original oil paintings hang on the walls, custom-created for the room by artist Esra Yilmaz.

Decor styling in the bedroom |
Master bedroom makes use of frosted glass for walk in closet |

As you can glimpse from the image above, at the master bedroom entrance there is also a small dressing room. It’s the home owners’ favorite bit of the whole place; on the one side separated with smoked glass you’re afforded a bit of privacy while changing, but giving depth and warmth to the bedroom.


The dressing room has an additional function, by placing storage in the master bedroom behind tinted glass, you are given a hint and feeling of the space that lies beyond the screen. At the same time the partition offers privacy and hides the clutter of clothes.

Master bedroom makes use of frosted glass for walk in closet |
Family bathroom in neutral browns and marble |

In the bathrooms, natural stones and ceramics create an earthy tone to the apartment’s look. You’ll see too that sandy wallpaper colors are used in the decor, bringing the home owners back down to earth, even in a sky-high apartment. To balance the elements, the ‘wet’ area meets equilibrium with wood for the cupboard doors and furniture.

Family bathroom in neutral browns and marble |
Lighting in the corridor of family apartment, Istanbul |

Storage tip? The hallway cupboards are covered with mirrors. Hidden behind the door you’re able to store your coats and belongings, while also giving a sense of space.


Just like the lighting element above the dining table, I’m struck by the abstract shape of the lighting sconce in the hallway.

Girl's bedroom has interested mirror and lighting decor |

The design for this room was for a teenage girl who enjoys summer, sun and traveling to warmer climes in winter. The migratory mirror birds are therefore a fitting decor piece and reminder to follow her dreams.


The design studio intentionally created a strip of lighting to the side, creating a shadow for the birds. It’s a symbol of sun and light.

Mirror birds decor in girl's bedroom |
Girl's bedroom |
Girl's bedroom has interested mirror and lighting decor |
Living room bookshelf styling in Istanbul family apartment |
Living room sofa and coffee table styling in Istanbul family apartment |
Living room sofa and coffee table styling in Istanbul family apartment |

Driving a cohesive look, hints of leather on the sofa create an earthy balance with the metal plant-pot decorations around the room. Cool blues soothe, and a fantastic amount of light is welcomed in through the two large walls of windows.

Living room sofa cushions with leather detailing |

Custom designed pieces of furniture, textiles and art run throughout the room. Notice the curtains blend in with the colors of the furniture, in an opposite effect with the ones in the bedroom. Overall the combination of warm natural elements merge to make it cozy, comfortable, and modern without the bling bling.

Living room cushion details |
Living room coffee table details |

Seeing how custom textiles, furniture and hidden wardrobe and dressing room elements blend together, the Nidapark Kucukyali flat balances style with storage to create a home of equilibrium.


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