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Designing Family Friendly Dual Purpose Spaces

Designing Family Friendly Dual Purpose Spaces

A round up of our favorite family friendly flex room ideas

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on September 17th 2018
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Modern family living means that we now have around 20% less space than we did just 30 years ago. As such, your family home now has to work even harder to give everyone the space they need to indulge in their various pursuits and hobbies. Whilst this may seem like a marathon task, clever design vis-a-vis versatile dual purpose spaces can ensure everyone is able to enjoy being at home to the max, regardless of the amount of space you have. With this in mind, we’re rounding up our favorite family friendly flex room ideas so you can create the ultimate in multi-functional homes. Keep reading for more.

Family Friendly Flex Room Ideas: Bright Scandinavian-inspired nursery and playroom for kids with fireplace accent and toys | NONAGON.style
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Family Friendly Flex Room Ideas

Home Office

Let’s face it, most of us would love to have our own dedicated home office. Yet this usually requires taking up one of the bedrooms, and that’s an indulgence few of us are able to exercise when family life comes first.

Family Friendly Flex Room Ideas: Bright and airy Scandinavian-inspired small space home office with white open shelves and wood floors | NONAGON.style
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Luckily, a home office is pretty easy to integrate into a shared space such as the living or dining room. You may think that having an office in a key room will take up too much space; however, if you have a young family, it can be helpful to have a work station here so that you can keep an eye on the kids while they play. Simply clear out a disused corner and add in a selection of compact and flexible office furniture. Alternatively, if your space is too small for that, how about using open shelves in lieu of a desk and storage draws?

Guest Room

Having a full house is probably the best excuse ever for not receiving house guests. However, if entertaining is kind of your thing, there are some ways of making it work.

Family Friendly Flex Room Ideas: Whimsical kids room with bohemian rattan day bed and beautiful wall mural | NONAGON.style
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For instance, your children’s playroom can easily become a guest bedroom too. All that’s needed is a cozy day bed. In addition to doubling up as a spare bed for guests, day beds can work for daily life as a comfortable space for reading to your children. What’s more, day beds are a fantastic way of squeezing in some much needed extra storage space. Oh how we love a multi-tasker!

Reading Room

If your home is blessed with a large hallway, consider transforming it into a family friendly space for reading.

Family Friendly Flex Room Ideas: Elegant blue hallway with cozy reading nook | NONAGON.style
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Tall walls mean you can install a large bookcase, and your hallway storage bench could double up as a cozy reading nook. With a few little design tweaks, the hallway can be a great space for both adults and children alike to enjoy!

What are your favorite family friendly flex room ideas? Let us know in the comments!


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