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Hong Kong Family Apartment Chases Curves and Waterfalls

Hong Kong Family Apartment Chases Curves and Waterfalls

Here's your exclusive first look at Bean Buro's latest project

Written by –
Jess Ng
on May 8th 2018
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Curvy Chambers


Thanks to TLC, we’re all aware of the dangers of chasing waterfalls, but how about using waterfalls to inspire your latest design project? That’s what one Hong Kong-based studio did to stunning effect for a seaside family home tucked away in the picturesque valley of Pok Fu Lam.


Home to a family of four, Bean Buro’s Curvy Chambers project is not your average family apartment. It’s sleek and understated, yet it boasts functionality and flexibility – the two heroes of everyday family life. With its abundance of hidden storage and sliding partitions, just think of it as the visual translation of modern efficiency.

A bright spacious living room with blue bookcase and baby grand piano in a family-friendly home designed by Bean Buro |

“We drew inspiration from a nearby secret waterfall which was discovered during a site visit. The continuously flowing water and curvy topography of the natural rocks, became a metaphor for two juxtaposed architectural elements.”

Curved wall master bedroom suite in a family-friendly home designed by Bean Buro |

Aquatic Inspiration

Design-wise, the apartment is dominated by two waterfall-inspired features. The first is a curvy blue volume that gently snakes its way through half the apartment. Beginning as a bookshelf in the living area, it seamlessly transforms into a corridor that conceals the kids bedroom and guest room. It then flows towards the master bedroom, where it forms a storage volume with an in-built seating niche.

Minimalist entrance hallway with industrial concrete wall and circular hooks belonging to a family-friendly home designed by Bean Buro |

Running counterpoint is a rectilinear gray concrete element, complete with atmospheric LED lighting. Rooted in the entrance foyer, it makes up the backdrop of the dining area before taking its solid form towards the master bedroom, concealing a guest shower room, a walk in storage cupboard and study room along the way.

Minimalist open plan space in a family-friendly home designed by Bean Buro |

Clever Design

Apartment living with two young children is difficult enough, but what about when your job requires you to work from home? The answer lies in a concealed sliding door separating the master suite and study from the rest of the apartment. The choice of sliding door is key here, offering an option for privacy when closed, and connection to the open social spaces when left open.

Study room with wood paneling and desk in a family-friendly home designed by Bean Buro |

In order to ensure complete quiet in this grown-ups only area, the sliding door is fitted with acoustic separation. To further increase privacy, an additional sliding door separates the study from the master bedroom. This allows flexibility for one parent to sleep while the other works.

Bright modern bathroom with picturesque view in a family-friendly home designed by Bean Buro |

All At Sea

One of the standout features of this home has to be that arresting ocean view. Thanks to a brand new layout, even the deepest spaces of the apartment have a connection to the sea.

Bright modern bathroom with white tiles and mirrored cabinet in a family-friendly home designed by Bean Buro |

“Being next to the seaside, we love the way we could use the incredible amount of daylight as our ‘material’. The apartment benefits from the beautiful views and the setting of the ocean. We managed to create a calming, natural and comfortable interior that creates a dialogue with the outside.”

Minimalist kids room with cot and magnetic wall in a family-friendly home designed by Bean Buro |

True Blue

True to its seaside location, the whole apartment is decked out in calming shades of blue. Matte cool toned blues are the order of the day here, paired with minimalist white accents and chrome finishes. For the flooring, a ceramic tile with wood texture has been used. This material is durable as a hard surface, yet at the same time adds a visual warmth to the space.

Sleek minimalist kitchen with matte cool blue cabinets in a family-friendly home designed by Bean Buro |

“We are extremely happy to hear that the homeowners love their new home. The husband has a stressful job in the city, and he says he feels relaxed every time he comes home from work.”

Modern minimalist kitchen with breakfast bar and blue cabinets in a family-friendly home designed by Bean Buro |

Family living is all about functionality, flexibility and storage, so it’s no surprise that Bean Buro’s signature minimalist style fits this brief to a tee. Ultimately, the proof is in the pudding, and with a glowing review from Curvy Chambers’ owners which variously uses the words “exceptionally stylish”, “beautiful” and “relaxing”, it looks like a job well done to me.


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