Our Fave Kitchens on NONAGON.style – A Year in Review | NONAGON.style
Our Fave Kitchens on NONAGON.style – A Year in Review

Our Fave Kitchens on NONAGON.style – A Year in Review

Our top kitchen inspiration photos from this year's home tours

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on December 23rd 2016
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After a year of beautiful home tours, we’ve certainly come across some gorgeous kitchen designs.


One of the prominent features of the kitchens we’ve seen this year is the proximity to the dining table. We saw a lot of kitchen islands and bar attachments that allow you to prep and cook while you chat and interact with others. Open plan living is still as popular as ever, with kitchen and dining areas sharing space and sharing plenty of sunlight. Another discerning quality was the wonderful use of birght wide open spaces, and good lighting: important elements so you don’t end up cutting off a finger!


In ode to feasting with friends and family this festive season, we give you a pick of our fave kitchens from 2016.

Standard Studio designs open plan kitchen featuring built-in shelves | NONAGON.style
Ons Dorp Amsterdam project converts Old school building into minimal open-plan apartment with tall windows | NONAGON.style

This light and airy kitchen in Amsterdam maximizes the home’s high ceiling perfectly. We adore the use of minimal furniture, allowing that natural light to touch every part of the room. The peg board style shelving unit ensures there is plenty of storage space to keep all the kitchen essentials.

Wood and white walls cozy apartment | NONAGON.style

Modern meets classic in this cozy kitchen designed by Blackhaus Karol Cieplinski Architeckt. Inspired by homes from the owner’s childhood, bricks and flooring were a key feature of the design in this renovation. The bricks were specially sourced from the north of Poland, where the owner’s family home is located! The oak wood floors and dining table bring in warmth to the kitchen and dining area, brilliantly complemented by modern white chairs and clean white cabinets.

Open plan apartment with kitchen, dining room and living area | NONAGON.style
Dining table and breakfast bar in the kitchen | NONAGON.style

Form and function are beautifully integrated in this kitchen designed by interiorsBYDESIGNinc. With a gorgeous marble countertop, the dual-purpose kitchen island also functions as a round table that’s great for entertaining guests.


We love the contrast of the black and white color palette illuminated by a stunning chandelier. This kitchen exudes modern elegance and it comes as no surprise that this is also the owners’ favorite part of their home!

Kitchen island | NONAGON.style
LED uplight with laser cut plywood ribs designed by Chris Bosse in the kitchen | NONAGON.style

The one-of-a-kind light fixture in this Sydney kitchen sets the level to futuristic vibe and creates dimension amidst the wooden elements. Designed by the owner himself, the trumpet-shaped light fitting is pieced together with LEDs and laser cut plywood ribs.

A white and wooden kitchen with stunning design elements | NONAGON.style

We absolutely love the way the kitchen extends out to a courtyard, making it a wonderful place for you to stretch out with your morning coffee.

Kitchen design with purple bar stools | NONAGON.style

For a kitchen that radiates contemporary glam, check out this one in the Thames Penthouse. It features state of the art kitchen appliances and polished countertops. The shades of purple add a sophisticated touch to the neutral toned residence making it stylish and refined.

Kitchen and dining table with views over River Thames in London | NONAGON.style
Cheerful red, white and blue kitchen | NONAGON.style

We are completely charmed by this cheery kitchen in a refreshing color palette picked out by Gilmore Design. The owners specifically requested to use neutral tones with pops of color, apparent in the playful red chairs and curtains. The all-white cabinets welcome in sunshine to the room making that banquette the perfect place for family mealtimes.

Kitchen with hanging lamps | NONAGON.style
Open plan kitchen with hanging lamps | NONAGON.style

An amazing kitchen for whipping up the perfect breakfast is this stunning open plan kitchen by Nakhshab Development & Design. With splendid views of the green outdoors, the teak cabinetry and the Carrara marble countertop make an excellent combination giving modern simplicity to the space.


The kitchen island faces large windows, extending the kitchen area to make it feel spacious and let the sun shine through.

Kitchen with open plan layout | NONAGON.style
Taiwan apartment with light | NONAGON.style
Marble countertop and kitchen island with sleek black and white walls | NONAGON.style

Put away your rulebooks for defining luxury, because this open plan kitchen in Taipei is changing the style guide.


The sleek black kitchen fittings are opposed with stunningly bright cupboards and custom made siding that make the room look unique. The wooden walls also feature a 3D design that incorporates natural elements with flowers made out of fabric cut outs.

Kitchen pantry with hexagonal decoration and wooden against black | NONAGON.style
Black and white kitchen | NONAGON.style
Classic feel in this kitchen - country style meets classic modern | NONAGON.style

Built in 1901, this Edwardian home was transformed by Maurizio Pellizzoni into a house from the Hamptons. From wooden beams to patterned tiles, the monochromatic scheme looks great. I love the big family kitchen range, with its ceramic backsplash and the invitingly exposed chandelier wine glass rack that makes entertaining a dream.

Kitchen island and dining table with open floorplan | NONAGON.style

In this mid-century modern home, materials are skillfully blended together. Wood against marble, mirrored cabinets creating open space, stone pile columns and soft carpets – and it’s all delicately balanced with planters and soft lighting.

Marble kitchen with island block | NONAGON.style
Kitchen island and open area | NONAGON.style

The Broadmoor Residence kitchen on Lake Washington is the perfect spot to show us how to embrace the outdoors. The sliding glass windows make it easy to step out to the lush green garden and bring in a tremendous amount of light while you’re busy chopping and prepping. The wooden interiors infuse freshness into the space.

Kitchen area | NONAGON.style

We hope you enjoyed looking back over some of the great kitchens we’ve featured on NONAGON.style this year.


If you want to submit your home projects to us, get in touch! We look forward to hearing from you.


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