This Folding Chilean Home Unfolds Stunning Views |
This Folding Chilean Home Unfolds Stunning Views

This Folding Chilean Home Unfolds Stunning Views

It's eco-friendly too

Written by – Team
on April 16th 2017
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The Folding House


Rodolfo Lagos Berardi

Take a brief tour through this gorgeous house near Rapel Lake in central Chile. The home owner is Jorge, a pilot with his own avian company. With so much time traveling for work, it was essential for him to have something beautiful to come home to. Above all, it was important to Jorge to have a sustainable and eco-focused house, to pay back to the environment that nourishes us.

Exterior of a Chilean home with stunning folding architecture |

Essential to Jorge was the dream to have enough rooms to house visiting family members. He gave B+V Arquitectos plenty of freedom to play around with a design and found himself extremely satisfied with the result!

Facade of a Chilean home with beautiful folding architecture |

You can see there are many levels to this Chilean home. From the road side access, the entrance takes you into the main body of the home, or right up on to the roof terrace. Built over a mountainous terrain, it was important to make good use of a smaller plot of land rather than trying to level out much of the ground. As such, the house is built on top of itself over different levels. This defining feature has also become a central element to the cooling and heating elements of the building.

Living room with wood accents and wood burner in a sustainable Chilean home with amazing folding architecture |

In order to deal with the extreme heat of the summer, the common areas circle a central atrium. At the same time, the fold in the roof favors ventilation, and the wooden slat terrace creates shade too. For winter months there is plenty of insulation and a wood burning heater.

Kitchen with breakfast bar and wood accents in an eco-friendly Chilean home with stunning countryside views |

The warm wood kitchen has a markedly natural tone that matches the feel of the surrounding countryside.

Bedroom with stunning countryside views in an eco-friendly Chilean home |

The master bedroom is one of our favorite spots in this home tour! With such stunning wake up views, you can understand why simple decor has been chosen for the design of the room.

Bedroom with bunk beds in a sustainable Chilean home |

Neat and tidy, extra bed spaces were created for visitors. The beds blend in and there is ample space for storage too.

Outdoor veranda with dining area in a sustainable Chilean home |

As well as a veranda that reaches through the back end of the house, the roof features this excellent terrace space. The shade provided is enough for keeping cool in the summer, but we’re told it’s quite pleasant in winter too. In this way, the wooden facade acts as both a protective and attractive design detail.

Outdoor veranda seating area with stunning countryside views in a sustainable Chilean home |

All in all, we think this Chilean home is a modernist beauty. Striking in design, yet built in a way that is sensitive to its surrounding environment – when can we come and visit Jorge?


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