This Sao Paulo Apartment Conceals the Living Room |
This Sao Paulo Apartment Cleverly Conceals the Living Room

This Sao Paulo Apartment Cleverly Conceals the Living Room

One moment you see it, the next you don't

Written by –
Indra Wangu
on January 3rd 2017
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Our home does not always come perfectly packaged. There is always a need to reimagine the space and adapt it to the needs and style preferences of its new dwellers. These changes, however, are not always limited to decor or cosmetic improvements. More often than not, we also come across design layouts that do not really fit the requirements of the new homeowners. This awkwardly designed home in São Paulo, Brazil, had a similar story.


Custom wooden divider cleverly designed to conceal rooms |

The original design of this home had two bedrooms connected via a long passage. This created a lot of wasted space and made the apartment look boxed-up into small rooms. The owners of this home are a young couple who wanted a simple plan that unifies the various spaces. It was also important to make more sense of the architectural elements of this home and give it a modern facelift.

Custom wooden divider cleverly designed to conceal rooms |
Custom wooden divider cleverly designed to conceal rooms |

The designers opened up one of the rooms and integrated it into the open plan living area that connects with the kitchen and dining. But since there was still a need for an additional bedroom for occasional overnight guests, a folding wall was added which could easily turn the living area into a private space. This flexibility in the layout is an interesting solution to the design problem, which also freed up a lot of space to create extra storage in the apartment.

Custom wooden divider cleverly designed to conceal rooms |
Dining room |

The folding wall panel is made of freijo wood, which is found throughout South America. As well as their duty to create privacy, these wall panels also make the apartment feel more warm and cozy. The beautiful wood cross section adds a decorative element to the home decor. The geometric pattern on these panels was inspired by the cover of the book Seven Types of Ambiguity. The designers love how this unique feature gives a certain individuality to the home.

Dining room |
Living room with gray sofa and wooden bookstand |

This living and entertainment area is an extension of the apartment that has now been included in the main footprint of the home. It looks like it used to be a balcony, which was eventually converted into a living area. This long and comparatively narrow room not only adds a generous amount of square footage to the apartment but also helps segment the various spaces more creatively. The exterior glass wall lets in tons of natural light and the glazed sliding doors inside let the light seep into the rest of the apartment.

Minimal dining room with neutral color palette |
Minimal dining room with patterned blue backsplash |

A mix of contrasting color palettes have been used around the apartment. A darker tone and texture in the kitchen area creates a nice contrast against the muted colors in the rest of the rooms. The geometric pattern of the backsplash tiles was also designed for this apartment. A lot of woodwork and furniture resembles the freijo wood panels. It creates a connectivity in design aesthetics and helps unify the decor.

Storage unit with plenty of space |
Modern bathroom with hanging wire pendant lamp |

Both the bathrooms are spacious with a raw earthy aesthetic. Concrete countertops and a dark wall color give bathrooms a spa-like ambiance. Clean lines and minimal decor keep them clean and easy to maintain. A lot of storage has been designed to hold the essentials.

Custom wooden divider cleverly designed to conceal living room |

After rearranging the design and converting one of the rooms into an open plan living area that also doubles as a guest room, most of the original passage connecting the two bedrooms was turned into storage space. Lots of cabinets and closets reach across the entire width of the room up to the master suite, solving the storage issues in this apartment.

Bedroom with tufted leather headboard |

The master bedroom is just as minimal as the rest of the apartment, however, the tufted leather headboard makes it look more luxe. This room gets a lot of natural light from the glazed exterior. It looks like a relaxed space for a good night’s rest. A flat screen TV in the bedroom is perfect for movie nights and some weekend movie watching.

Space saving walk-in closet |
Modern bathroom with hanging wire pendant lamp |
Patterned one-seater sofa with ottoman on the balcony |

A simple design solution has turned this oddly shaped apartment into a gorgeous home, with its wooden walls and wide spaces. There are so many takeaways from this apartment that can help us creatively redesign our spaces and turn them into our dream home.


Are you planning to make some design changes to your home this year? Share with us your home decor goals for 2017 in the comments below. And if you’re interested in reading more about homes in Brazil, check out Mid-Century Modern Home in Brazil Extends Living Room Outside 




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