Free Meal Planner Template: Zero Waste Meal Planning |
Free Printable: A Zero Waste Meal Planner to Help You Say No to Waste

Free Printable: A Zero Waste Meal Planner to Help You Say No to Waste

Preparation is key

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on February 21st 2018
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If you hadn’t heard already, zero waste is the name of the game this year and here at, we’re all about trying to help you jump aboard this environmentally friendly bandwagon. Going zero waste seems intimidating at first, but we promise that all it requires is a few simple lifestyle changes. Starting with using our free meal planner template to transform your weekly food shop.


One of the most effective ways to reduce waste in the household is through the tried and practiced art of meal planning. By planning your meals for the week, you can see exactly what you need to buy in your weekly food shop, thus helping you to buy only what you need. Meal planning also makes it easier to use leftovers more efficiently, helping you to cover the ‘re-use’ bases of the zero waste mantra. Overall, it’s a fantastic and straightforward way to help save the environment (and the pennies!).



Zero Waste Meal Planner

Download Here

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