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5 Things to Consider When Designing a Functional Mudroom

5 Things to Consider When Designing a Functional Mudroom

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on August 22nd 2018
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While mudroom designs may not be the most exciting to contemplate when decorating your home, the humble mudroom itself is arguably a necessity in busy households. As a catch-all space for the shedding and dumping of coats and various other outdoor paraphernalia, mudrooms are important for the very productivity of a home. They’re also a terrific buffer zone between the outdoors and in, essential for keeping your home free of mud and other debris. In other words, what mudrooms lack in glamour, they more than make up for in utility.


With this in mind, we decided to save you the pain of trawling through endless mudroom design inspirations by creating a one stop mudroom design checklist for you to refer to instead. Ahead, here’s five things you need to consider when designing the perfect functional mudroom.


Funnily enough, the first thing to consider when designing a functional mudroom is its function.

Functional Mudroom Designs: Rustic country mudroom design with earthy olive green bench, white brick wall and coat hooks |
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The key to getting the most out of your mudroom starts with having a useful design which takes into account your everyday needs. You need to consider how you’re going to use the space. Will your little ones be hanging their backpacks and taking their shoes off here? In which case, you’ll need a design which takes into account both storage and seating. Or will your mudroom primarily be for cleaning off the pets? Then maybe some sort of sink or shower would be appropriate. Before you even begin designing, make a list of all the ways you plan to use your mudroom. Having this on hand will help keep you focused throughout the design process.


The most obvious location for a mudroom is next to the front door, but it may not always be the best or most efficient spot.

Functional Mudroom Designs: Bohemian Scandi hallway with pastel green brick wall, wood accents and eclectic rugs |
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Again, this all comes back to how you plan to use your mudroom in your day-to-day life. If the main use is going to be storage, then it may make more sense to build your mudroom into the hallway instead of dedicating a whole room to the cause.

Flexible multi-functional furniture means mudroom designs can be adapted to fit almost any space. On the other hand, if your mudroom will be a place to dump dirty shoes and clothes, then perhaps you’d want to incorporate it into your laundry room.

Storage Options

Shelves and coat hooks are storage mainstays of many mudroom designs. It’s also worth considering some of these extra options to optimize functionality.

Functional Mudroom Designs: Rustic white mudroom design with vertical storage and black hardware |
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Think about including multi-functional pieces, such as a storage bench, or flexible units which you can adjust and adapt as your needs change. Working with a small space? How about investing in some vertical storage units? Those of you with the budget to spend, consider investing in something bespoke that fits perfectly for your space.


A functional mudroom isn’t any good if it’s not going to last, so consider durability as one of your mudroom requirements.

Functional Mudroom Designs: Pretty pink mudroom design inspiration with tiled pet bath for the dogs |
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Brick, stone and concrete are all great flooring options, as are ceramic tiles; when properly sealed, these are all liquid resistant. Meanwhile, flooring in earthy darker hues will be best for hiding all the dirt and scratches from your everyday wear and tear. As for the walls, wood paneling and shiplap are fantastic long-lasting choices. We particularly like these for the texture and style they can add to mudroom designs.


Although durability should be of top priority, that doesn’t mean you can dispense with aesthetics altogether.

Functional Mud Room Designs: Bright hallway with blue Dutch door and decorative plant accent |
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Durability and style are not mutually exclusive. While floral wallpaper may be out of the question, ceramic tiles come in an array of beautiful designs. Brick, stone and concrete have a unique industrial charm all of their own.

After getting the basics of durability down, you can turn your focus to decorative accents. Wall art, soft textiles and indoor plants will add polish without compromising on functionality.

What are your top tips for creating a functional mudroom design?


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