Furniture Guide: Design From the Early 2000s |
Furniture Guide: Design From the Early 2000s

Furniture Guide: Design From the Early 2000s

Home design and furniture trends from the naughties!

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on September 4th 2018
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As the clock ticked over to midnight heralding in the 1st January 2000, it was as though the whole world was about to change. We were entering into a new and exciting era — but what did that mean when it came to early naughties furniture and design?


It meant that an influx of new styles and ideas came flooding in thanks to the popularity of interior design shows like Trading Spaces, Changing Rooms and Queer Eye For The Straight Guy. People wanted homes that were futuristic and modern. Times were changing as this 2000s furniture styles guide suggests.

Feature Walls


Feature wall for the living room |
image source

Feature walls were the talk of every DIY show and magazine. They were the perfect way for homeowners to make a change to a room without having to break the bank. This was a popular DIY task that could be undertaken by anyone who could hold a paintbrush or hang wallpaper.


While we still find feature walls in modern decor, these days they feature big ceramic art pieces or perhaps a novelty wallpaper.

Entertainment Systems

Entertainment systems from early 2000s |

In the early 2000s, entertainment formed an important part of the home. Televisions did start to slim down but along with music systems, they still dominated rooms — and they all had a lot of wires. You still required cabinets for your DVD collection, too.


This was an era where comfort was still a priority but it no longer dominated the space. This was about living in a home that propelled visitors into a new era, even if the aesthetics were not that pleasing on the eye.

The Nautical Theme

Blue and white nautical bedroom |

You didn’t even need to live near the coast to have a nautical theme in your home. For some reason, the nautical theme washed across the world. Everyone wanted oars hanging on the walls, false anchors, blue fabrics, and shells. This was certainly a unique trend that came from nowhere, but it gave homes character, and that stands for something at least.

Dark Wooden Furniture

Dark furniture in the living room |

Dark wooden furniture was still popular in the 2000s. Perhaps some were trying to cling on to the remnants of certain trends from the 1990s. Commonly, you would find yourself putting your coffee down on a friend’s dark wood coffee table or kitchen table. The color of dark wood gave homes an earthy, country feeling.

Furniture from the Future

Apple Macintosh futuristic design at turn of century |
Photo from Apple

This was a new era and many felt that they should begin incorporating futuristic looking furniture into their homes. Nobody knew what futuristic furniture should look like, but many decided to start a revival of furniture from the 1960s, as that, apparently looked ‘futuristic’.

Mismatched Furniture

Mismatched furniture |
image source

The days of matching furniture were long gone. It seems as though homeowners opened their minds to new things, including mismatching furniture. They chose to mix eclectic pieces of furniture where nothing really matched, but it worked. There was no longer a matching coffee table and side table because that uniformed look had disappeared. This was all about thinking outside of the box.

Fairy Lights

Fairy lights in the early 200s, when they were still Christmas Lights |
image source

Initially, it was only at Christmas you’d see these twinkling lights, but their popularity soon grew all year round. It seemed as though beautiful soft, string lighting often complemented the 2000s furniture found in homes around the country. The subtle glow gave homes a kind of warmth that made it welcoming. You would find them draped over headboards, around mirrors and even put inside empty wine bottles.

Walls Painted Chocolate-Brown

Chocolate brown walls |
image source

Although chocolate-brown is not significantly inspiring, it still made its way onto the walls of many homes. To give it credit, it does give a home a warm and homely feel, but it is a color that does not relate to the crazy, futuristic naughties.

Sleigh Beds

Dark brown sleigh bed |
image source

Sleigh beds caught the eye of many who felt that they needed a new style of bed. They looked good, gave a bedroom a completely different appearance, but were perhaps not as practical as divan beds.

Exposed Light Bulbs and Brick Walls

Exposed bulbs and brick walls |
image source

A trend very much still ongoing. The early 2000s was the beginning of warehouses and blocks being transformed into trendy apartments. Designers felt that the exposed brick would offer a classy, yet timely reminder of what the building once was. To complement this, people chose to implement exposed light bulbs, giving homes that sort of industrial feel.

What do you think of these early naughties design and furniture trends? Do you recognize any from your own home decor?


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