2020 Color Trend is Fusion of Tech and Nature: Neo Mint | NONAGON.style
2020 Color Trend is Fusion of Tech and Nature: Neo Mint

2020 Color Trend is Fusion of Tech and Nature: Neo Mint

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Sharon Cheng
Written by –
Sharon Cheng
on July 24th 2019
Hong Kong based. Sharon loves traveling around the world, but Hong Kong is always her favorite space to be inspired. Addicted to graphic design, she finds creative ideas for images and video always pop up in her mind!

Neo Mint

We’re halfway through the year, and that means we’ve seen a lot of our 2019’s hot colors. Living Coral – a passionate, energetic and warm color – gave us our first inkling that nature was going to be a hot source of inspiration for current trends. So, what’s going to be the color of 2020? Let’s give a big round applause to the winner – the perfect macaron – Neo Mint!

WGSN, one of the strongest trend forecasters often used by designers, has announced that the color of 2020 will be Neo Mint. The hue is considered to be a combination of technology and nature, giving people feel a feel of modernism and a touch of the contemporary while also feeling the truest and simplest. As this pastel color, or macaron color, is a neutral color, it will be a favorite of many – not shushed into corners and labeled by appeal to a certain gender. It looks like a stylish color, but warm and cozy at the same time.

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Softly Refreshing

Many of my friends still think it’s weird to decorate outside of ‘normal’ colors for their house, but it’s definitely not! This subtle shade will help give a more unique feel to a house, one that is way far from boring. Neo Mint may be one of the best choices to make your house looks great. Neo Mint is an energetic, soft and eye-catching color, and refreshing for design.

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Neo Mint — “an oxygenating, fresh tone that aligns science and technology with nature.” — WGSN Insider

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Small Change, Big Difference

If it’s too crazy for you to paint your wall in this mint color, what about decorating your house with little items? I find bedding is a good way to absorb the fun parts of trends but not to invest too much in things that could seem dated. Bedding like a pillowcase, blankets, or even a painting, can also make a difference in your home! The softness of Neo Mint gives off a comfortable atmosphere.

Neo Mint bedding | NONAGON.style
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Color Evolution

If you pay much attention to the evolution of recent key colors, many colors have been darker until the recent shift to pastels. Neo Mint is the nicest green-based color we’ve seen pop up in a while.

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Medly Pharmacy, a pharmacy located in Brooklyn, New York, always shines bright with its mainly used color – Mint. The whole pharmacy is designed with this gentle refreshing color, and it helps to create a completely new look that makes people feel comfortable in this environment.

How do you feel about this color? Share your views on Neo Mint below!

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