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Zen Minimalism in Home Decor: Just a few pot plants adds a feeling of calm and beauty to a run of the mill bathtub area | NONAGON.styleGreen scales in the bathroom - Booklovers House designed by BFDO Architects | NONAGON.styleBlue bathroom featuring wooden floorboard and walls | NONAGON.styleBlack and gold walls in the bathroom | NONAGON.styleFloral wallpaper in the bathroom | NONAGON.styleTeal tiles in this bathroom, Avocado Acres | NONAGON.styleTeal tiles in this bathroom | NONAGON.styleRental Decor Ideas: Bathroom with gray cabinets and statement rug | NONAGON.styleGreenery for your sink provides a pop of green | NONAGON.styleRelaxing gray bathroom with white bathtub | NONAGON.styleRelaxing white bathroom with bathtub |

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