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Outdoor bedroom and bathroom suite in home of Yankee star Alex Rodriguez | image by Björn Wallander | NONAGON.styleBathroom done in black marble and bronze | NONAGON.styleBedroom in Damien Hirst designed hotel suite at Palms Casino Resort | NONAGON.styleButterflies incorporated in marble floor and jacuzzi in the most expensive hotel suite in the world | NONAGON.styleLiving room and bathroom area with sliding doors | NONAGON.styleBlue and white bathroom in small apartment, Taiwan | NONAGON.styleYoung boy demonstrates yellow bathroom | NONAGON.styleWhite bathroom with green artwork in a minimalist loft designed by Feldman Architecture | NONAGON.styleMaster bathroom features plenty of marble in Cape Town home | NONAGON.styleBefore renovation: bathroom | NONAGON.styleContemporary master bathroom inspired by the Park Hyatt Shanghai designed by Feldman Architecture | NONAGON.styleWhite minimalist bathroom with wood panel ceiling in an apartment renovation designed by YLAB Arquitectos |

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