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Children’s Room

Projet Dion: Timeless nursery with walnut accents and red curtains | NONAGON.styleA hanging nook behind the door makes the perfect storage spot | NONAGON.styleWardrobe designed for both adults and children, featuring double door handles | NONAGON.styleDusty pink neutrals make for a soothing children's bedroom storage spot | NONAGON.styleBaby blue wardrobe re-purposed linen closet | NONAGON.styleChildren's bedroom wardrobe storage | NONAGON.styleBaby's crib with Scandinavian and minimal styling, simple warm colors in Montreal house | NONAGON.styleEducational Architecture: Industrial-inspired indoor atrium of Skyplay daycare center with interior windows and natural plant accents | NONAGON.styleEducational Architecture: Double height interior of Skyplay daycare center with organic industrial aesthetic and living indoor tree accent | NONAGON.styleEducational Architecture: Contemporary daycare center boasts a natural organic aesthetic and statement indoor tree design | NONAGON.styleEducational Architecture: Bright contemporary daycare center with industrial concrete walls, playful sandbox and indoor trees | NONAGON.styleChildren's play room with colorful bookshelf |

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