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Open plan kitchen and dining room | NONAGON.styleLong marble counter space in open plan kitchen with neatly stacked cupboard | NONAGON.styleOpen plan kitchen with a large kitchen island and matching counters for the dining table | NONAGON.styleOpen plan kitchen with large dining table | NONAGON.styleDining table in dining room with Mediterranean views | NONAGON.styleDining room with downtown view | NONAGON.styleTimber ceiling and rich wood cabinetry in this mid-century modern inspired home in Australia | NONAGON.styleMid-century modern living room and kitchen island with warm wood tones and tasteful art | NONAGON.styleModern Scandinavian Table Settings: Effortlessly luxe Scandinavian table setting with brushed gold accents | NONAGON.styleModern Scandinavian Table Settings: Minimalist Scandinavian table setting with wood accents and statement glass vase | NONAGON.styleModern Scandinavian Table Settings: Rustic Scandinavian table setting with knitted hygge napkins and kinfolk details | NONAGON.styleModern Scandinavian Table Settings: A simple Scandinavian table setting with mini wreath detail accent | NONAGON.style

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