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Rental Decor Ideas: Modern dining room with plant accent | NONAGON.styleZen Minimalism in Home Decor: Beautiful sky blue wood complements the colorful chairs in this open plan kitchen and dining space | NONAGON.styleZen Minimalism in Home Decor: Using assymetry with this statement wood table breaks up a boring dining area | NONAGON.styleDining room on the other side of the bedroom in Taiwanese apartment | NONAGON.styleFormal dining room in open plan apartment | NONAGON.styleOpen plan dining room with a lot of mirrors, making the space feel bigger | NONAGON.styleKitchen dining room with blue table | NONAGON.styleBright and colorful dining area - Booklovers House designed by BFDO Architects | NONAGON.styleDining room with wooden table and bookshelves in Taiwanese apartment | NONAGON.styleOpen plan living room and dining room | NONAGON.styleLiving room features hidden panel and blue dining room chairs | NONAGON.styleWide windows show views over Lyttelton port | NONAGON.style

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