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White steps in minimalist bedroom | NONAGON.styleSimple styling in minimalist kitchen, black and pine design | NONAGON.styleOutdoor shower space with black wood cladding | NONAGON.styleA hanging nook behind the door makes the perfect storage spot | NONAGON.styleDusty pink neutrals make for a soothing children's bedroom storage spot | NONAGON.styleBaby blue wardrobe re-purposed linen closet | NONAGON.styleBedroom with hanging lamp and calm bedroom in Hutchison Flat, Montreal | NONAGON.styleMosaics in the hallway in Hutchison Flat, Montreal | NONAGON.styleBlack bath tub with simple bathroom tiles | NONAGON.styleBathroom featuring large sink and simple decor in Montreal house | NONAGON.styleChildren's bedroom wardrobe storage | NONAGON.styleLong marble counter space in open plan kitchen with neatly stacked cupboard |

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