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Amsterdam canal home: Night blue cire bathroom walls, dark shower area and modern bathtub with grungy vanity sink | NONAGON.styleAmsterdam canal home: Dark wood canopy island bed with eclectic gallery wall | NONAGON.styleMarble platform supports gorgeous white bathtub in Amsterdam Canal Home | NONAGON.styleBeautiful Fireplaces: Nordic hygge living room with minimal gray fireplace and cozy natural textures | NONAGON.styleUnnecessary Home Decor | Bright living room with wall mounted TV, fireplace and wood panel walls | NONAGON.styleModern Office Concept Design: Minimalist meeting room with bookshelf and wood accents in the Arada Office by Nelson Resende | NONAGON.styleModern Office Design Concept: Minimalist curved bookshelf inside the cylindrical meeting room of Nelson Resende's Arada Office | NONAGON.styleDiffusers and Candles: Simple white hygge-inspired bedroom with wood and floral accents | NONAGON.styleMan and woman relax in Cathy's sunshine apartment, Taipei | NONAGON.styleVibrant yellow wall in kitchen of Casa de Cathy | NONAGON.styleCalming bedroom painted room, with desk space and accessories | NONAGON.styleStorage unit features plenty of book space | Casa de Cathy by A Lentil Design |

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