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How to Style Modern Interior Design with Geometric Shapes

How to Style Modern Interior Design with Geometric Shapes

And other tips from July

Cissy Wang
Written by –
Cissy Wang
on July 25th 2019
Cissy is a fresh graduate from CUHK with a major in English and Comparative Literature. Her writing gears towards the poetics of space in social, cultural and urban spaces. "In libris libertas" has always been her motto.

Geometric shapes and forms, decoration patterns and prints have become a modern decorating trend right now, which helps to add interest, rhyme and order to a home. Wallpaper patterns, floor rugs, lighting fixtures and furniture in refined repeating shapes are a great way to give your room a modern and incredibly polished look when it’s done correctly. However, this form of expression should be used sparingly without overwhelming the room. In this roundup, we explore the very best geometric patterns and shapes in interior design for the last month, to help you integrate geometry seamlessly into your space. Keep scrolling to find out more!

Styles of Geometric Patterns in Interior Design

Design Tip #1

To give your space the De Stijl flair, go geometric



Geometric Shapes in Modern Interior Design: Mondrian themed workspace install with black unit carcasses, worktop and shelving, then select cupboard doors in red, blue, yellow and white colorways |
image source

In the case of this Mondrian-style workspace dominated by a strict geometry of horizontals and verticals and interlocking planes using a limited palette of black, white, yellow, red and blue, the simplicity of color and composition underscores the neo-plastic expression of relationships.


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Design Tip #2

Consider a triangle mirror instead of the traditional circular shapes to add to artistic element

Geometric Shapes in Modern Interior Design: The lounge features a polished copper mirror by a local South African artisan |
image source

Triangle is one icon of geometric design. As the typically round mirror has accompanied us for decades, this polished copper mirror in triangle pattern makes for a sculptural ornament and an artistic element on the wall that can be appreciated as stylistic devices beyond their functionality.


Take a scroll through more bespoke furnishings in La Belle Vue.

Design Tip #3

Polygon-structured accents as the perfect complement to any art space

Geometric Shapes in Modern Interior Design: Deep black colors and muted tones in the living room of Cape Town home |
image source

Looking for a quick update for your plain interior? Take a look at this art space in the African style Cape Town home. Add shape and style to you home design with a piece of bespoke furniture — like this stunning polygon-shaped coffee table. The polygon structure in the expression of pure geometry is a perfect complement to the room, granting your living area a voguish vintage feel. Here, the custom furniture inspired by motifs and sculpture sets the tone for the client’s African heritage found throughout the interior, articulating a sense of African modernism and luxury.


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Geometric Shapes in Modern Interior Design: Deep black colors and muted tones in the living room of Cape Town home |
image source

Design Tip #4

Circles are beautiful

Geometric Shapes in Modern Interior Design: Matte metallic Globe Flower Pot by AYTM |
image source

Planting provides additional touches of greenery. In this case, the globe flower pot is a perfect eye-catching art form in and of itself to supplement the exterior decor, adding a touch of jungalow to the space. Best of all, using greenery reminiscent of verdant rainforests is a sure way to reflect passion and creativity.

Geometric Shapes in Modern Interior Design: Scandinavian minimalist Carrie LED Lamp by Norm Copenhagen |
image source

Exteriors can also echo the geometric focal point. Beyond furniture, decorative accents such as lighting come next. You can use round-shaped lanterns to create a stylish outdoor space. Case in point: Carrie LED Lamp by Norm Architects ensures minimalist Danish hygge vibes.


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Design Tip #5

Side tables shouldn’t be limited to circles and rectangles

Geometric Shapes in Modern Interior Design: Hourglass terrazzo Confetti Table by LAUN |
image source

When it comes to afternoon furniture line up, this hourglass terrazzo confetti table is a perfect alternative where to perch your afternoon cocktail. Its hourglass form renders the classic shapes of mid-century modern aesthetic, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.


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Design Tip #6

Using a whole range of shapes to create cohesion

Geometric Shapes in Modern Interior Design: The first floor is an entertainment level driven by African earth-inspired tones, employed across geometric custom rugs, a coffee table and orange ’Togo’ chairs |
image source

As for adding instant visual interest to a room, use a whole range of shapes so that you can pretty much fit them into whichever features of the room to create cohesion. Bold shapes and colors take center stage in the entertainment room. They can really enhance the overall decor of a room and completely change the way a space looks when playing with throw pillows, area rugs and other accessories. To make the colourful patterns stand out, combine them with more neutral shades to provide an aesthetic balance to the dynamic look.


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