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These Are the Best Geode Home Decor Accessories to Buy Now

These Are the Best Geode Home Decor Accessories to Buy Now

Because geology rocks

Written by –
Jess Ng
on July 13th 2018
Born and raised in the UK, Jess is NONAGON’s resident historian turned marketer turned writer, drawn to Hong Kong by the lure of dim sum breakfasts and bustling city life. A foodie who loves to cook, food occupies 70% of her brain 90% of the time. When not eating, Jess can typically be found buried in a book or obsessing over making NONAGON’s Instagram #feedgoals.

One of my favorite home decor trends of the year is the obsession with all things geode. Not only is geode-inspired decor an unexpected nod to nature, it’s also chic enough to keep your space looking on the right side of glam. Even better, as it’s all in the accessories, geode decor has to be one of the easiest trends to incorporate into your aesthetic. Keep reading to see our favorites.

Gilded Crystal Bookends

Level up your bookshelf styling game with these sparkling crystal bookends from Aerin.

Geode Home Decor Accessories: 18K Gold Crystal Agate Bookends by Aerin | NONAGON.style

If you’re a magpie for things that shine, prepare to fall in love. These bookends have been dipped in 18K gold! Whether you choose to have them take pride of place on your bookshelf, or as a standalone sculptural piece, they’re sure to add some organic opulence to your abode.

Mousepad Royal

Looking for a less obvious way to jump on the geode bandwagon? How about terrazzo?

Geode Home Decor Accessories: Royal Blue Mousepad by Slash Objects | NONAGON.style

Terrazzo is a composite material made of chips of marble, quartz, granite, glass, or other stone. The result is a pretty textured finish that both looks and feels luxe. Case in point: this Slash Objects Mousepad Royal. I love the midnight blue of this colorway. It’s just the thing to dress up your home office or work desk.

Torta Cake Plate

I definitely don’t need another reason to give in to the sugary sweet temptations of cake. But that hasn’t stopped the Anna New York Torta Cake Plate.

Geode Home Decor Accessories: Agate Torta Cake Plate by Anna New York | NONAGON.style

Standing in all its gilded glory, I like how the imperfections of the silver-plated crystal are on full view. Even the humblest of cookies will seem precious when arranged on this platter. It’s definitely one to bring out when you have guests over!

Seed Single Pendant

For a minimalist take on the geode trend, The Future Perfect’s Seed Single Pendant is a must-have.

Geode Home Decor Accessories: Minimalist Seed Single Pendant by The Future Perfect | NONAGON.style

The geometric design of this striking pendant light is inspired by the seed crystal – a tiny crystal used to grow larger crystals. Given that the seed crystal is representative of order emerging from chaos, I can’t think of a better geode-inspired piece for a minimalist.

Himalayan Salt Lamp

It’s time to take it back to the OG geode-inspired decor accessory – the one that kick started this whole trend: the Himalayan Salt Lamp.

Geode Home Decor Accessories: Himalayan Salt Lamp by Urban Outfitters | NONAGON.style

Even if you don’t believe all the wellness hype, there’s no denying that the Himalayan Salt Lamp would make a pretty addition to your home. This Urban Outfitters version is made from 100% salt and comes with a sturdy wooden base. It’s ideal for those looking to get in touch with their earthy boho side.

Celeste Agate Wall Mural

My final pick is one that requires perhaps just a little more commitment than a decorative accent, but if you’re dedicated to the geode cause then I promise that it’s worth it.

The Celeste Agate Wall Mural by Murals Wallpaper is the ultimate ode to all things geode. I’m mesmerized by the watercolor blend of color! This would be a great option for a feature wall. Just make sure to keep everything else simple to avoid an overly cluttered look.

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