Geometric Home Design of Vallee du Parc Residence |
Geometric Home Design at Vallee du Parc

Geometric Home Design at Vallee du Parc

Striking lines and slanted rooftops abound

Asma Khan
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Asma Khan
on October 14th 2018

Vallee du Parc Residence


Inspiration may come from decades past, but the design for this home is contemporary through and through. In the Vallee du Parc Residence, Frank Lloyd Wright’s approach to natural surroundings is brought to life by Chevalier Morales Architectes who have built a family home in the grassy fields of Mauricie, Quebec. The 4,671-square-foot (434-square-metre) house blends into the landscape, with architecture inspired by natural surroundings.

Iconic roof of Vallee du Parc residence in Mauricie, Quebec, designed by Chevalier and Morales Architectes |

Taste for Nature

The design of the angular roof is much like the slanting hills in the background. It may seem like a coincidence to me, but Chevalier Morales Architectes did not just stumble upon this juxtaposition. They carefully took inspiration from the milieu.


Undoubtedly, you will appraise the prominent roof from the exterior view of this house. What’s even more appealing is how the sharp, geometric shapes are projected on the inside of the structure. The ceiling looks edgy, creating depth and dimension as you tour the house and down the hallway. Take a look!

Contemporary slanted roof with no overhangs at Vallee du Parc |
Contemporary hallway and geometric ceiling of Vallee du Parc Residence, designed by Chevalier and Morales Architectes |
Dining table and living room sofa in Vallee du Parc Residence |

Playing with Light and Reflections

“Organic architecture,” as Wright would have put, is structure that is designed based on “the bond between humanity and its environment.” The irregular planes of the roof were attached to the house in their entirety, allowing a balancing act of light and reflection. Sunlight can freely flood into the house, and the view of raindrops running down the giant windows intertwines us with nature.

Giant Glazing Window at Vallee du Parc, designed by Chevalier and Morales Architectes |
Pumpkin on the porch of mid-century home |

Walls are surrounding the reflective glass, paired with dark chocolate wooden planks to highlight the facade as the natural light bounces off. The residence features a garden along with six bedrooms, four bathrooms, and two family rooms.

Contemporary home in rural Quebec |
Contemporary car garage with slanted roof |

 Is the ‘Inside’ Really Inside?

Magnificent amount of sunlight comes in through the full-length glazed windows, which is exactly what the designers were looking to do. The light creates a playful ambiance around the house, which is heartwarming and perfect for a family that loves nature.

Black casement, floor-to-ceiling windows with sunshine at Vallee du Parc Residence |

There’s barely any barrier between the outdoors and indoors because of the black steel casement floor-to-ceiling windows. Being only separated from the outside by the glazing fenestration is a cause for concern over less privacy. Nevertheless, it isn’t any doubt that the abundance of natural illumination is key to an energy-saving home.


Seamless design of the stove is instilled onto a long marble table at the kitchen. It is an open kitchen that flows freely facing the vast living area and dining table. The family is always connected as the aroma of delicious cooking floats around the house.

Dining, bar and lounge area in Vallee du Parc Residence, designed by Chevalier & Morales Architectes |
Open kitchen with square windows |

A Geometric Home Design

What’s more? The composition inside the house is not so different from crafting lines and angles onto a drawing book. The color palette highlights the figures with a sharp contrast of black and white, occasionally dark brown hues. All the white spaces almost make it minimalistic. Almost.  Yet, the furnishing are decorated with pastel materials ranging from peachy orange to some leaf greens, creating a contemporary habitat.

Spacious living room at Vallee du Parc Residence, design by Chevalier and Morales Architectes |
Mirrors and windows create an indoor-outdoor living space |

Most of the storage space is eloquently placed into built-in wall closets with sliding mirror doors.

Windows allow for plenty of sunlight |
Brown wardrobes |

Vallee du Parc is home to a family that loves to stay close together, and cozy in modern architecture. It is designed to provide maximum natural lighting through the outdoors and the reflective surfaces. All the bright, colorful decor adds joy to the home. My favorite element of the home is that it welcomes heaps of sunshine, and the pretty garden that’s surrounding the home is a bonus on a good day. All in all, anyone who has a thing for shapes and playful geometric lines, will fall in love with this residence inside out.

Let us know which bit is your favorite feature of the Vallee du Parc Residence, in the comments below!


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