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Can You Pick Your Fave of These Minimalist Dog Bed Designs?

Can You Pick Your Fave of These Minimalist Dog Bed Designs?

Shelter and comfort for your furballs

Written by –
Iris Pun
on August 14th 2018
Iris is a creative and energetic university student based in Hong Kong. An art and design lover, she likes discovering inspiring and pretty decorations, innovative architecture and artistic illustrations, especially when they come with elements of nature!

Hey dog lovers, national dog day is coming soon! If you’re looking for a treat for your doggo, have you thought about upgrading their dog bed? I always enjoy having my dog near me at bedtime, but prefer to make sure he has his own space, so I wanted to find something that’s cozy and relaxing where my pets can lay down their heads. But it has to look good, too! Balancing comfort and style, check out some of these stylish-yet-modern, minimalist dog bed designs.

Minimalist Cubes

Minimalists will love this stylish cube set. It’s a concept design by Japanese company Nendo. They saw that usually pet furniture is round and cute, but our walls, windows and furniture at home is usually linear!

Minimal Dog Bed: The white cubic pet set in minimal style by nendo with a dog, a bowl, a house and toys |
image source

The minimalist design is stylish and features in light colors, creating a cozy box home for your dog to curl up. It’s perfectly suited to a home looking to design with minimal embellishment. The dog house consists of a upper and a lower part, connected via a zip fastener. Squashing down the upper part, you can turn a dog house into a bed.


The whole series of geometric products include the dog house, toys, bowls, and all of them starting from the idea that houses are usually straight!

Minimal Dog Bed: The dog playing the cubic folded soft toy in the series of cubic pet set |
image source
Minimal Dog Bed: The ball toy in the minimal cubic pet set for putting snack and food in |
image source

Modern Covo Dog Bed

Looking modern and sleek, the Covo dog bed from Miacara is created by designer Uta Cossmann. I think this will look really nice in any apartment, especially those with a mid-century modern aesthetic.

Minimal Dog Bed: Wood made Covo dog lounge and dogbasket by Uta Cossmann in the living room with a dog |
image source

With the idea of keeping elegance in home design, and aiming to provide comfort for her dogs, Cossman created this Covo bed for satisfying both needs. The circular dog bed has a simple structure as well, with the sturdy bent wood frame, it’s easy to fit in your modern home.

Minimal Dog Bed: Wood circular framed Covo bed the dog lounge and dogbasket designed by Uta Cossmann |
image source

Moreover, there are a variety of cushion and wood choices, letting you choose the best for both your home and your beloved pets. It’s an Instagrammable win!

Howly Bed

Another minimalist’s favorite for home design looking to create a cozy bedroom for both human and pet. Check out the candy-like Howly bed from Cody and Bella.

Minimal Dog Bed: Grey Howly Bed by Cody and Bella with two white poodles in the living room on a blue patterned carpet |
image source

The Howly bed adopts a cone and cave shape, with a steel frame to maintain its structure. A cave-structured bed would make your pets feel safe by covering their whole body.

Minimal Dog Bed: Display of the structure of Green Howly Bed designed by Cody and Bella |
image source

As you might expect, there are different color choices to suit your home style. My favorite would be the peach pink one because I personally think dogs look really cute paired with candy colors.

Geometric Wooden Cave Bed

Unique and natural wood, see this Kamakura Plain minimalist dog (or cat!) bed created by Natural Slow from Japan.

Minimal Dog Bed: Chihuahua sitting in the geometric triangle Kamakura plain the dog bed by Natural Slow on the white floor |
image source

Even though Kamakura Plain is made with similar materials to the Covo bed, with a cushion and elegant wood, the Kamakura dog bed is a unique and striking shape, looking fresh with its wood plain design and light colored wood stains.

Woven, Wicker and Table Bed

This wicker dog bed is a product from Archie & Oscar. It’s both a pet bed, and a pet house, and could be a side table as well. It provides shelter to your dog, while at the same time, you could put some books, a lamp or some snacks on top of it. Maybe not some snacks, depending on your dog.

Minimal Dog Bed: Black and white large dog sleeping in the woven bed as a wicker and table at home |
image source

The rattan table will have a high compatibility rating with any interior space in your home, because of its natural color and texture. As the item itself is multi-function, it is a great help for small apartments, where pets need spaces but you won’t want them to get in the way.

These are my top picks! Which ones would your dogs like the most? Leave a comment below and let me know!


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