Gift Guide For Scandinavian Style Interiors |
Gift Guide For Scandinavian Style Interiors

Gift Guide For Scandinavian Style Interiors

Simplicity, utility and beauty all in one package

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on December 6th 2018
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We all have a friend or two who loves IKEA a bit too much, right? It’s hard not to blame them, with the delicate blend of raw wood and homey Scandinavian style, you can bet they always have a gorgeous home. But what to choose for a gift if they’ve already made their way through the whole catalog? Here’s our roundup of gorgeous gift ideas for lovers of Scandi-style design.

Gifts For Scandinavian Style Lovers

Jewelry Organization

Scandinavian style is all about being pure and pared back, offering simplicity, utility, and beauty in one package. So we suggest little box by Umbra ticks all of those boxes.

Jewelry Box Organizer perfect for Scandinavian Interior styles |
image source

We recommend not presenting a completely empty box, but make sure to leave room for your giftee’s own jewelry collection!

Cork Planters

When picking the perfect present can leave you feeling a bit stumped, let your heart be warmed by the plethora of plants available. Whether gifting to someone with a green thumb or not, we think these cork and wood planters make a lovely gift to go with that succulent.

Scandinavian wood and cork planter from Melanie Abrantes |
image source

Cork is water resistant, sustainable and recyclable which perfectly fit Scandinavian style. Designer Melanie Abrantes hand turns these planters on a lathe, incorporating wood to the design for an extra flourish. They have a beeswax finish to make them even more lovely.

Geometric Silhouettes

While some suggest terrazzo a passing trend, we can’t see it letting up any time soon. The silhouette of the Flint Vessel Set by Joyce Wang is smooth and beautiful, perfectly accompanying a Scandinavian interior.

Terrazo style bowls perfect for Scandinavian style interior design |
image source

The bowls are each 10cm in diameter, and pair beautifully with a wood chopping board and a Nordic-inspired centrepiece in your host’s next tablescape.

Ceramic Sweetness

When darkness falls, Swedes love to celebrate light. From lanterns to lamps, including a sparkle of light makes a home instantly cozy. Consider MQuan’s ceramic vessels for your next gift, as they are super sweet, with handpoured unscented beeswax, and handpainted.

MQuan Ceramic handpoured candles with unscented beeswax |
image source

Best of all when the wax has all but burnt away, they make beautiful tumblers or vases. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Yarn Bowls

For crafters and knitters out there, a yarn bowl is usually a tool used to help thread wool for your scarf project. But these felt bowls from the Yarn Kitchen Home are actually made of yarn, and they are a treat.

image source

These three little nesting bowls go perfectly together as a gift, you can already see it on the bookshelf keeping treasures organized.

Those Without a Green Thumb

Don’t know about you, but we find there’s always a friend or two who never manage to keep their plants alive. That’s why these concrete hands from Hardmades are a good gift. The Scandinavian reindeer moss is unique to each set, and really doesn’t require much effort to keep alive.

Two Hands by Hardmades featuring reindeer lichen moss |
image source

In fact, you shouldn’t water them at all. Hardmades recommend “they do not need watering, pruning, sunlight or keeping in the water.” Maybe you’ll find they have green thumbs after all!

Did you find the ideal gift for that Scandi-style-loving friend or family member? Or did you maybe spot something for yourself?


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