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A Gift Guide for The Modern Minimalist

A Gift Guide for The Modern Minimalist

What do you get someone who doesn't really want anything?

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on December 5th 2018
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Clean lines, neutral hues, organic materials – simplicity. For the minimalist in your life, we’ve rounded up a collection of home decor wares which embody the concept of understated elegance to a T. From chic glassware to Brutalist-inspired planters, these gifts for minimalists prove that less is always more.

Gifts for Minimalists

Glass French Press

For the coffee-loving minimalist, Yield’s Glass French Press is every bit as chic as it is practical. An evolution of the classic press pot, we think its timeless design is perfect for the minimal aesthetic.

Gifts for Minimalists: Glass French Press by Yield |
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Although glass and durability may not be an obvious duo, Yield’s use of premium heat-proof borosilicate glass means this glassware pick is much tougher than it looks. Overall, we’re huge fans of the way this piece effortlessly brings together function and beauty.

Concrete Hexagon Planter

As hard as gift shopping is, one can never go wrong with plants! Even the starkest of minimalist spaces have been known to embrace greenery, and this Concrete Hexagon Planter by Inside Store is our preferred way to do it.

Gift Guide for Minimalists: Concrete Hexagon Planter by Inside Store |
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Handmade in London, we love the raw Brutalist-inspired aesthetic of this piece. Given its dainty proportions, this planter is best suited for housing small indoor plants. In keeping with the minimalist theme, we especially love succulents and cacti!

Chord Brass Incense Gift Set

FYI, if you didn’t know already, incense are the new candles. For a gift that will stay on trend through 2019 and beyond, we turn to this Chord Brass Incense Gift Set by Cinnamon Projects.

Gift Guide for Minimalists: Chord Brass Incense Gift Set |
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The set comes complete with a beautifully elegant brass burner and a sample set of richly-scented incense. Take it from our team of minimalists at heart, the refined simplicity of this piece will make it an instant favorite with your loved one.

Norr Carrier

Simplicity and practicality is the aim of the game with the Norr Carrier by Ditte Buus Nielsen. Ostensibly a condiment stand, we actually think this chic tray could be used for all manner of decorative purposes. A coffee table accent for instance, or perhaps a perfume stand?

Gift Guide for Minimalists: Norr Carrier by Ditte Buus Nielsen |
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A curved brass handle gives the painted oak tray some sculptural intrigue. What’s more, Nielsen’s designs are made to last for generations, so you can be sure it’s sturdy enough to stand the test of time. All in all, versatility and durability-wise, it’s the gift that will keep on giving for years to come.

Stem Vase

Underlining the minimalist aesthetic is an evanescent sense of quiet luxury, and the Stem Vase by Malgorzata Bany encapsulates this completely.

Gift for Minimalists: Stem Vase by Malgorzata Bany |
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Drawing direct inspiration from ‘Ikebana’, the Japanese art of flower arrangement, this piece places emphasis on shape, line, form, and also texture. In true minimalist fashion, the Stem Vase chooses to accentuate the beauty of a single flower stem only. Though this piece may look decidedly uncomplicated, the wow factor lies in its unassuming simplicity.

What do you think of these gifts for minimalists?


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