Gray Home Decor: The New Neutral |
Gray Home Decor: Why It’s Finally Time to Rethink This ‘Boring’ Hue

Gray Home Decor: Why It’s Finally Time to Rethink This ‘Boring’ Hue

Fifty shades of gray

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on May 4th 2019
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Let’s face it, gray home decor has somewhat of a bad reputation. Synonymous with dark overcast days or ‘gray’ areas of uncertainty and confusion, the hue has traditionally been thought of as ‘boring’ among design aficionados. However, as the great Scandi revolution has taught us, gray is in fact anything but.

Gray Home Decor: Rustic kitchen with gray cabinets and traditional wood dining table |
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Why Decorate with Gray?

Like any good neutral, gray is remarkably versatile, playing well with both vibrant party shades and laid-back basics alike. Yet beyond versatility, we’re especially drawn to the range of moods gray can create in a space. From polished sophistication to casual cozy, gray can do it all. It’s no wonder why gray has slowly become the new design world darling.

Gray Home Decor: Quietly elegant gray living room with Scandinavian aesthetic |
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How to Choose the Right Gray

Success in decorating with this hue depends on choosing the right type of gray for your aesthetic. On this note, there are generally two main types of gray: warm and cool.

Gray Home Decor: Cozy gray bedroom with black design accents |
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Cool Grays

Cool grays tend to have a purple, blue or green undertone. This gives them a sharp and crisp overall look, perfect for a fresh contemporary aesthetic.

Gray Home Decor: Bohemian living room with warm gray walls and organic textured accents |
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Warm Grays

Warm grays, on the other hand, can be characterized by their close resemblance to beige (hence the term ‘greige’), and are ideal for creating earthier, more intimate spaces. These shades are rooted in red, yellow or brown undertones, giving them a softer or rounder look.

Gray Home Decor Inspiration

Gray Power

Hardworking gray lends itself well to the grit and grunge of the industrial aesthetic.

Gray Home Decor: Industrial loft living room with gray concrete wall and gray sofa |
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Here, differing shades of gray in a variety of textures are layered to create visual depth. Black accents ground the tonal color scheme, whilst the blue accented rug highlights its cool undertones.

Gray is the New Black

Substituting black for gray in a minimalist space is a great way to subtly achieve monochromatic contrast.

Gray Home Decor: Modern contemporary monochrome bedroom with walnut wood accent |
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To take the edge off the polish of gray, look to natural wood textures. A deep walnut clad side table is perfectly in keeping with the sophistication of the final look.


Consider adding richness to a gray aesthetic by way of opulent saturated jewel tones.

Gray Home Decor: Minimalist gray and white bedroom with orange bedding |
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The trick is to pick just the one bright accent color in order to ensure a fresh and streamlined visual. Here, the warmth of the orange introduces bohemian cozy, without the masses of accessories that’s typically associated with eclectic style.

What are your thoughts on gray home decor?


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