Your Guide to 1990s Furniture Design and Trends |
Your Guide to 1990s Furniture Design and Trends

Your Guide to 1990s Furniture Design and Trends

Looking back at trends and stylings from the 90s

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on July 7th 2018
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Oh the 90s! After a decade of 80s modern we got a taste of 90s minimalism. The interior design trends cooled down from the frenetic styles of the previous decade, and we saw a rise in the DIY craze thanks to the launch of HGTV and the number of interior design and DIY shows on television.


Take a tour through some of the popular 1990s furniture and interior design trends, some which still linger today!

Pining for Pine

Wood bedrooms an example of 1990s interior design |

We’ve definitely seen that wood is a favorite among contemporary home design trends. In the 90s we saw a lot of orange-stained oak and also a fair bit of blonde pine. It would often be the main color in a room, being used for matching kitchen cabinets, tables, stools, cupboards, beds and almost anything really.

Inflatable Furniture

Inflatable furniture a design trend from the 1990s |
image source

The inflatable chair started its life in the 1960s but it was the 90s when the fashion for inflatable furniture really blew up.


Remember those saggy wrinkly plastic chairs? Inflatable furniture was one of the hottest trends of the 90s, and usually available in a variety of bright, gaudy shades. The problem was they’d deflate too easily, and they weren’t particularly comfortable.


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We reckon 90s minimalism is similar to the rustic Scandinavian we know and love today. After the frenetic patterns from the 1980s, we began to see trends settle down and move back to basics. These looks were simple and restrained.

Painting with Sponge

Well that’s one way to spice up a wall. The DIY trend had many people at home looking to make their paint job more interesting, and we saw the faux-Tuscan trend, along with speckled sponge painted-bathrooms in any slew of colors.

Puddles of Curtains


Puddled curtains |
image source

Curtains in the 90s weren’t only about the hair trend. These curtains are a great example of puddled curtains that would hang longer than the wall and meet at the bottom. This is a bit more fussy and formal than styles we see in contemporary homes.

Fake Plants

Artificial flowers in the hallway, showcasing 90s interior design trends |

While now we see a lot of real plants dominating our interiors but in the 90s it was all about the fake plants that looked ornate and decadent. From silk flowers to these over the top bouquets.

Hunter Green

90s interior design trends include Hunter Green |

Before greenery had its heyday, it was all about the deep green hues of Hunter Green. From bathtubs to wall shades, this deep foliage shade was a 90s hit.

Wicker Furniture

Wicker furniture was a trend in the 90s |

Up until the end of the 1930s, wicker was hugely popular and then fell out of favor for a few decades. But by the 90s, we saw a resurgence in this popular furniture material.

Primary Colors

After the frightful neons of the 80s, we couldn’t totally get away from the vibrant primary shades. That’s how you had beautiful bathrooms like this one, and the bright bedrooms from Full House.

TV Cupboards

A whole command centre for the TV |
image source

Before the flatscreen, televisions could be sizeable behemoths. You can understand why you might not want a large screen to take up most of room’s aesthetic, and all the audio visual equipment that comes with it. Which is why the living rooms of the 90s more often than not featured the TV cupboard, with a cupboard full of your favorite VHS tapes!

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