Guilt-free Wild Animal Decor For Your Home |
Guilt-free Wild Animal Decor For Your Home

Guilt-free Wild Animal Decor For Your Home

Taking a walk on the wild side

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on July 27th 2018
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The world is full of fascinating wild animals. There are the majestic cats of the jungle with fiery stripes, parrots with incredible plumage, and reptiles with curious patterns. Sadly, these tigers, birds, crocodiles and other wild animals are illegally hunted for their skins — and wildlife crime is big business. The threat of extinction for many of these animals is real, which is why it’s important to consider the materials and items used in your home decor. Fortunately for us, there are many alternatives and guilt-free wild animal decor ideas that capture the essence of the wild, without the bloodshed.

Camouflage or Dazzle?

Guilt-free wild animal decor | Horchow's Vanna Zebra Cabinet |

There are many suggestions as to why zebras have their black and white stripes. One hypothesis is that the stripes dazzle the lions and other animals hunting them, another is that they help to keep things cool, or quite simply to camouflage themselves against the Savannah.


The striking patterns are just as good a reason to replicate them in your home decor; to dazzle your guests, and to keep the room looking cool, although instead of camouflage why not style for a pop of pattern!


Shop for the Vanna Zebra Cabinet from Horchow.

Dining in Style

Giraffe plate by Roberto Cavalli |

Gold colored pattern, yet machine washable plate. We like this Roberto Cavalli collection of giraffe-print china, check out the others in the set!


Shop for this giraffe plate at Amara.

Velvety Touch

Guilt free wild animal decor |

We love these tiger-free tiger-print cushions from Artemisia which are handmade in New York. There are leopard print and zebra styles too, so you can go on safari without leaving the sofa.


Shop for these cushions at Artemisia.

Under Foot

Tiger rug from Urban Outfitters |

Who really wants an illegal tiger pelt? This tiger rug from Urban Outfitters makes a cute and classic accessories for your living room, functions as a bathroom mat or would look playful in the playroom.


Shop for this tiger mat at Urban Outfitters.

Lovely Layers

For style inspiration we included below a gorgeous apartment home tour in Lyon which layers carpets, and pairs them with jungle wallpaper for roar factor.

Style your tigers in layers like this apartment in Lyon |

Giving us Giraffe Goodness

Giraffe patterned cushion with metallic thread from Amara |

Made with cotton flax fabric and embroidered with metallic thread, this giraffe inspired cushion collection from Amara is guilt-free wild animal decor for sure.


Shop at Amara for this luxury giraffe pattern cushion.

Ferocious Fabrics

Wild Card leopard print fabric and Equus print wallpaper from House of Hackney |

The Wild Card jacquard fabric from House of Hackney is an understated leopard print that could work quite nicely for reupholstering a sofa. It’s paired here (with roaring success) with their Equus zebra-inspired wallpaper in a cocoa.


Shop at House of Hackney for these wild textiles and pretty patterned wallpaper.

Crocodile Bronze

Crocodile style bronzed metal nesting tables |

What’s got four legs and a curiously crocodile appearance? No, not an alligator! These nesting tables from L’objet are made from brass and Limoges porcelain, offering leathery luxe without the croc hide.


Shop for these nesting tables and other glorious croc-inspired decor at L’objet.

Unpack the Trunk

Elephant light from Seletii |

We were inspired by the blue

Shop for this elephant light from Seletti.


For style inspiration check out the home of Delirium Decor owner Dila, and how she incorporates quirky elements in her home design.

Blue bedroom featuring an elephant lamp |
image source

Not had enough wild animal decor inspiration? Check out this fanciful selection of flamingos taking over Instagram, or see how this Where the Wild Things Are inspired decor turns your child’s room into the perfect place for play.


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