Guy Bucchi Uses Native NZ Wood for Furniture Designs |
Guy Bucchi Uses Native NZ Wood for Furniture Designs

Guy Bucchi Uses Native NZ Wood for Furniture Designs


Cristina Ng
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Cristina Ng
on September 2nd 2019
As a Gemini, Cristina is always curious about life and pursuing to challenge herself. She is invested in telling good stories to more people and zealous about video shooting and editing.

She believes to be new is to be young again.

Working out of his studio in Matakohe, New Zealand, furniture designer and maker Guy Bucchi enjoys taking scraps from the nearby scrapyard and off cuts of Kauri wood to create his unique, limited edition chairs and furniture pieces. Some of the wood is extremely old, as swamp Kauri  wood is around 1200 – 45000 years old! There are other pieces using Rimu and Manuka wood which have special properties in the quality of the wood. Find out more about Bucchi in our interview. Tell us about your background

Guy Bucchi: I was born to Italian parents in a small rural village in the South of France near Avignon in 1945.


After working as a sheet metal worker/boilermaker I went into psychiatric nursing up until I retired in 2000. In 2001, I followed my New Zealand wife to her homeland where we are now living.


My earliest memory is living in the countryside with a small herd of milking cows next to our house. I didn’t have any ideas of what I wanted to be when grown up.

Metal chair designed by Guy Bucchi |

Tell us more about your work.

Since living in New Zealand I have had the opportunity to work with the native wood as I live beside a native forest and have been planting NZ native trees on my rural property for the past 17 years.


I would like my work to depict fun, freedom,reflection, discovery, symbols, numerology and comfort. When possible I create movement in the back for comfort.


My design inspiration comes from nature and people of all cultures. I try to innovate in expressing an idea that has come from general culture and others specific. i.e Aboriginal, Polynesia, Maori, Egypt, Africa, Europe etc.


Every chair is a project that I am impatient to realize as my work is very physical and I am getting on in years. A project that I would like to realize would be to have an exhibition and to have one of my designs edited commercially.


I consider myself very privileged to be able to buy swamp Kauri locally (off cuts) of up to 45,000 years of age as it is truly a magnificent wood. I sell to my Bed & Breakfast guests as they can see, touch and sit on my pieces in our home.

'Looking for Picasso B.' chair features swamp Kauri 40-45,000 years

Tell us about your home, and where you find inspiration.

The debut of my interest for design started unconsciously by the beauty of objects (wood, metal, leather etc) made by artisans of a bygone era. Metal in particular interested me and I would visit the local scrap metal dealer weekly for many years finding hand tools of every trade which had become unneeded.


My home is simple with warm colours, antique and contemporary furniture, old & new objects and Aboriginal, Maori, Polynesian & European art. I like space, light and a warm atmosphere not overly decorated.


I have two very small old wooden stools which remind me of the ones used for milking the cows next to my house in my childhood.

This chair represents the opposite of what a chair usually depicts

You can find out more about Guy Bucchi on his directory listing, or see more of our interviews and artist profiles by following us on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.


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