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Stylish But Scary Decor Ideas to Spookify Your Soiree

Stylish But Scary Decor Ideas to Spookify Your Soiree

Think beyond cobwebs

Written by –
Jess Ng
on October 13th 2017
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Friday 13th is here, that means it’s Freaky Friday! We’ve also hit mid-October which means the countdown to Halloween is officially on. Whether you’re planning to host a scarily sophisticated dinner party or a midnight monster rave this All Hallows Eve, just remember that devilish decor will be the key to making your ghoulish get-together a night to remember. And no, a few cobwebs and a stray broom won’t cut it, no matter how much pumpkin juice you’re planning to provide. Read on for a round up of stylishly scary Halloween decor ideas to spookify your soiree.

Halloween Decor Ideas: Outdoor floating ghost decorations | NONAGON.style
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Halloween Pinata

Ensure your guests get their candy fill with these adorable mini ghost pinatas.

Halloween Decor Ideas: DIY cute ghost pinatas | NONAGON.style

Working double duty as a scarily chic decor option and party game, think of these as the adult alternative to trick or treating. What’s more, they’re practically foolproof to make – simply follow Stephanie’s easy peasy DIY tutorial.

Halloween Tree

Halloween trees are the new trend on the block, and I am completely here for it.

Halloween Decor Ideas: Hot pink Halloween tree with creepy mask trimmings | NONAGON.style

Bring down the Christmas tree early and replace holly jolly tinsel and baubles with insect-laden cobwebs and mini Jack o’lanterns for a traditionally creepy ode to the dead. Alternatively, for a more subtle (though no less menacing) take on the Halloween tree, make like Jennifer Perkins and opt for a hot pink variant sporting manic masks baring unhinged expressions. Who says trees are only for Christmas?

Candy Garland

Can you believe this garland started out life as a collection of toilet paper rolls?

Halloween Decor Ideas: DIY neon candy-themed garland | NONAGON.style

This decor option is reserved for those who want a lighter take on the Halloween theme. Even better, because this garland is not obviously Halloween-themed you can re-use it again and again for any future celebrations. Head over to Brittany Jepsen’s blog to find out more.


Floral Skull Centerpiece

And now back to the scary stuff with Erica’s beautifully gothic floral skull centerpiece.

Halloween Decor Ideas: Skull and withered dark flower centerpiece | NONAGON.style

Make this the pièce de résistance of your Halloween tablescape for a guaranteed spot on your friends’ Instagram feeds. I like the idea of filling my skull vase with dead flowers and withered foliage to boost the spook factor.

Haunted House Pumpkin Diorama

Pumpkins may be the most basic of Halloween decor choices, but let me assure you that Crystal’s haunted house pumpkin diorama is anything but.


Halloween Decor Ideas: Haunted house pumpkin diorama | NONAGON.style

This DIY is certainly not for the faint of heart. However, if you’re ready to embrace the challenge then I promise that the payoff (i.e. my unreserved admiration) will be worth it. For those less skilled with a carving knife make sure to check out these showstopping no-carve pumpkin ideas.

Sugar Skull Balloon Wall Art

Halloween not your thing? Maybe this sugar skull balloon wall art will inspire you to celebrate the Mexican festival of Dia de Los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, instead.

Halloween Decor Ideas: Sugar skull balloon wall art | NONAGON.style

Dia de Los Muertos is a day where those who have passed are able to come back and join their family. It’s customary to commemorate this journey by decorating altars with bright colors, paper flowers and sugar skulls, and this balloon wall art is the perfect nod to this tradition. What’s more, it makes a cool backdrop for any party snaps or photobooth setups.


Which Halloween decor idea is your favorite?


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