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Hallway Decorating Ideas Guaranteed to Make a Lasting First Impression

Hallway Decorating Ideas Guaranteed to Make a Lasting First Impression

Because first impressions count

Written by –
Jess Ng
on May 4th 2018
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Have you ever noticed that hallways tend to be the most neglected space in a home? Maybe it’s because of their often awkward layout, which makes styling a little tricky; or perhaps it’s because they can function as only a transitional space.


Nevertheless, in an age where first impressions matter, it’s time we collectively reconsider their importance. Hallways are the first glimpse into your home from a visitor’s point of view – responsible for setting the tone for the rest of your digs. As such, the humble hallway is more than deserving of a little design TLC.


With this in mind, I’ve rounded up the internet’s best hallway inspiration to get you started on your journey to hallway rehabilitation. Click through for a collection of hallway decorating ideas that are guaranteed to make a lasting first impression.

Pale and Interesting

For effortless elegance with minimal effort, look no further than the white wall.

Hallway Decorating Ideas: Bright white hallway with chic checkered rug and gold vase |
image source

White walls will forever and always be a timeless classic, so it makes sense to have them as a feature of your hallway. As a final touch, simply add in a few choice accessories that show off your personal style. A chic checkered runner perhaps? Or a gilded frame displaying your favorite artwork? Anything goes really. Just remember to keep your styling to a minimum – clutter in a small space is a recipe for disaster!

The Millennial Dream

If color is more your thing then you’re in luck, for a small hallway provides the perfect opportunity to experiment with bold patterns and prints.

Hallway Decorating Ideas: Cheerful hallway with leaf print statement wallpaper and pink ombre staircase |
image source

The secret to pulling off loud wallpaper is balance. Covering all your walls with a striking print might make a small space feel claustrophobic, but how about opting for just the one statement wall instead? Here, complementary white walls work to make this cute hallway feel light and spacious. Can we also take a moment to appreciate that ombre millennial pink staircase? Now that’s what I call a stairway to heaven.

The Multi-Tasker

Plot twist alert! It seems style and function can co-exist to create the ultimate hallway of your dreams.

Hallway Decorating Ideas: Elegant hallway with built in seating and storage unit |
image source

If you’re familiar with small space living then you’ll know that every square meter counts. So why aren’t you making your hallway work as hard as the rest of your home? Consider adding in a cupboard or set of drawers in order to cheat some much needed extra storage. Or take a cue from this elegant entryway and explore a custom-made option to really make the most of your space.

Black and White

Few things ooze sleek sophistication like a monochrome color palette.

Hallway Decorating Ideas: Sophisticated monochrome hallway with statement light and boho rug |
image source

Contrasting dark floors with lighter walls is a tried and true design hack for making a room feel brighter. I love how the original architectural features of this space – the arch and intricate molding – have been juxtaposed with the contemporary light feature and glossy minimalist console table. Overall, this chic entry proves once and for all that the hallway can be used to make a memorable design statement.

Hall of Fame

So you’re lucky enough to have a hallway you can spin around in without knocking anything over? Then you really have no excuse not to make your hallway a beautiful room in itself.

Hallway Decorating Ideas: Spacious bright hallway with grand piano and arched doorway |
image source

Stuck for design inspiration? Start with something that represents who you are. As I mentioned earlier, the entry hallway is probably the first part of your home a visitor will see, so use this space to you show off your personality. Whether it’s a polished grand piano, or a treasured art piece, make this the focus of your hallway and keep everything else to a minimum.

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