Highland Park Tudor-Style Home with Architectural Charm | NONAGON.style
Highland Park Tudor-Style Home with Architectural Charm

Highland Park Tudor-Style Home with Architectural Charm

Pops of leather create warm vibes

Isobel McKenzie
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Isobel McKenzie
on May 28th 2019
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Highland Park

With its high gabled roof and beautiful windows for starters, this 1921 Tudor-style home has a host of charming architectural features that make it a dreamy spot. It’s located in Highland Park — one of Dallas’s most exclusive suburbs — with a home owner who has a fun and energetic personality and looking for interiors to reflect that. With good bones as a starting point, the home needed a facelift and who better than Urbanology Designs to bring this home to life.

Living room with Urbanology Designs sofa, using a white and blue color palette with hints of tan | NONAGON.style

The living room is a great place to start the home tour as it’s also the first thing you see as you enter the home. “As designers, nothing holds more potential in a space than the inherent architectural features,” says Urbanology Designs founder Ginger Curtis. “Where there aren’t any we look to add them and where they exist, we want to showcase them. This charming cottage-style home had a carved fireplace, soaring peaked ceilings and beautiful natural wood beams. Our design concepts started here as we looked for ways to make them feel fresh, rather than antiquated.”


Sitting center stage is the sofa designed by Curtis and her team, designed to be both chic and comfortable. It’s framed with the high ceilings and long curtains that skim the wooden floorboards. The overall picture is one of poise and warmth, fitting beautifully with the cottage style of the architecture while maintaining a fresh contemporary look. One of the points to note is the black fireplace, given a new lease of life by painting in black to stand out against the simplicity of the white walls.

Architectural charm found in living room with Urbanology Designs sofa, using a white and blue color palette with hints of tan | NONAGON.style
Charming living room decor with soft delicate textiles and a thorny cactus to say hello! | NONAGON.style

“The site had beautiful bones, but was empty and very dark. Our first goal was to lighten it up with paint and then go from there,” describes designer Marian Briscoe. “This was one of our favorite projects because of the ease of the owners in response to any hiccups or changes. They trusted us 100% and that made for a project without any major difficulties.”


What really creates a cozy and interesting space in this living room is the use of multi-layered textures, from the thorny cactus to the woolen throw, rough and raw cowhide rug to the elegance of the drapes. This is the warm and dapper side of contemporary Texas decor.

A spiky cactus is softened by delicate lighting | NONAGON.style
Welcoming leather chair in living room of Highland Park home, Dallas | NONAGON.style
Coffee table and sofa in the living room of this Dallas home designed by Urbanology Designs | NONAGON.style

Perfectly paired with the tan and neutral tones of the living room, the teal sofa adds a splash of color that suits the room well. I enjoy seeing the big round mirror too, creating softer edges in the room.

Upstairs view of this Dallas living room, with tan and blue color palette | NONAGON.style
Custom designed side board for Dallas home | NONAGON.style
Emerald green velvet chair in formal dining room | NONAGON.style

Check out these emerald green velvet chairs in the formal dining room; a room that hosts dinner parties is the perfect space for a few talking points, like the abstract green painting and the elegant sideboards, one of which doubles as a wine fridge.

Formal dining room in Highland Park home, designed by Urbanology Designs | NONAGON.style
Wine cabinet in the formal dining room in Highland Park home, designed by Urbanology Designs | NONAGON.style
Abstract green art and sideboard detail in the formal dining room in Highland Park home, designed by Urbanology Designs | NONAGON.style
Master bedroom featuring dark blue with white for a simple and laid back style | NONAGON.style

Even though using dark blue walls to decorate this home, the bedroom doesn’t feel dark thanks to the abundance of light textiles and furniture.


Creating mood ideas for the house was an enjoyable task for the designers, playing around with the idea of ‘classic’ and ‘contemporary’. Briscoe explains “there were many rooms where we provided a safe option that we knew our client would love, and then we would push the envelope with the second option. She trusted us and almost always picked the design that stretched her aesthetic. It was a reminder to be true to what we know looks good, and while we always give options to please the client, it is most fun when we add in something that stretches them and makes the project exciting for both of us.”

Urbanology designs creates a charming master bedroom for this home in Dallas, Texas | NONAGON.style
Round mirror at the vanity for contemporary and stylish master bedroom look | NONAGON.style

What was the response of the owners on completion of the project?

We got to experience the reveal with our client and it was the joy of a job well done, and she reacted excitedly to every space and was happy to pass along our information to her neighbors.


Which part of the house do you love the most?

Our favorite room has to be the living room because it really shows off our design style at Urbanology Designs. We encouraged our client to paint their 1921 fireplace black, and it is the stunning contrast to all of the white and light in the room.

Gold vase planter adds delicate accents to a blue and white master bedroom | NONAGON.style
Leather and wood accents for the bench at the end of the bed, in this master bedroom | NONAGON.style
1920s Tudor style home with plenty of architectural features, in Highland Park, Texas | NONAGON.style
Summer patio, relaxing outside area in Highland Park home | NONAGON.style

Outside is the perfect sitting out area for relaxing with an iced tea at the end of the day, no?

Contemporary lighting, cushions, dining room and banquette Urbanology Designs project | NONAGON.style

For starting the day with breakfast and gathering family together for mid-week meals, this banquette is a lovely spot. The color palette is similar to other parts of the home, with its tan cushions matching the intensity of the wood table and floorboards, while the simplicity of the gold metal elements in the lighting create an elegant look for the home.

Living room with leather hide tan elements to create warmth in white room | NONAGON.style

With fresh colors and the perfect selection of textures through materials, this home feels both welcoming and picture perfect. The architectural spaces shine with large doors, high ceilings and that black fireplace that pops with its new lick of paint — contemporary style that’s both elegant and charming.

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