Highlights from Salone del Mobile Milano 2019 | NONAGON.style
Highlights from Salone del Mobile Milano 2019

Highlights from Salone del Mobile Milano 2019

Our fave furniture spots from the event

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on April 28th 2019
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Now that the dust has settled and everyone’s had time to catch their breath, it’s time to share the furniture highlights from the Salone del Mobile Milano 2019. Hold onto your hats!

Lara Bohinc for Kasthall

East of the Moon | Kasthall rug designed by Laura Bohinc | NONAGON.style

Swedish carpet and textile brand Kasthall teamed up with designer Lara Bohinc for this 2019 collection, From the Sun to the Moon, which is inspired by ancient Japanese Zen Gardens. There were two rugs, two wall hangings and a selection of decorative cushions to see. Overall it’s a collection of muted pastels, earthy colors drawn from nature and a mix of different wool grades and yarn to showcase both Bohinc and Kasthall’s capabilities.

Matthew Day Jackson for Made by Choice

Chair from KOLHO collection at Salone del Mobile 2019 from Made by Choice | NONAGON.style

Astronomy seems to be making a hard hitter with another collection of furniture inspired by the frontiers of space. Finnish contemporary furniture design company Made by Choice teamed up with multi-disciplinary artist Matthew Day Jackson to present Kolho at the Salone del Mobile. Named after a Finnish town that inspired Jackson, the series is a collection of tables and chairs designed using Formica and juxtaposed with his flower paintings and subtly replicating the surface of the moon.


The flowing lines are gently cartoonlike, swooping and based on the curve of Dionysis paired against the starkness of Apollo.

Masquespacio for Poggi Ugo

Masquespacio's Poggi Ugo Land | NONAGON.style

Spanish design pair Masquespacio presented their designs for terracotta producer Poggi Uno, creating Poggi Uno Land using terracota in surprising textures. Maybe in place of a tapestry, or wood. The unique display showed a futuristic (sort of) look at using terracotta, showcasing its strength, adaptability and even its flexibility to be used in different ways. It’s a beautiful examination of geographical and landscape in our interiors.

Atelier Aveus for Martina Gamboni

The Symbolic Room designed by Atelier Aveus for Martina Gamboni at Salone del Mobile 2019 | NONAGON.style

Every year at Milan Design Week Martina Gamboni invites an emerging designer to create a bespoke interior project for the meeting room of her company’s headquarters, Strategic Footprints. This year Atelier Aveus presented a room with a minimal yet dare we say.. planetary feel?


Named The Symbolic Room, French architect and designer Morgane Roux created a “retreat and encounter with one’s self. The installation is a representation of inner space filled by archetypes and symbols. It is a sanctuary for introspection.”

Daniel Rybakken for Panasonic and Vitra

TV OLED concept television | NONAGON.style

Vitra has worked with Panasonic to explore ideas on how new technologies can inspired our environments. This is a concept idea with Scandinavian designer Daniel Rybakken for a transparent OLED television screen, named ‘Vitrine’.


“Vitrine is a part of glass presented in a wooden frame that can transform from something ambient to something vivid, from something meant to be seen into something that is meant to be watched. It blends naturally into any contemporary living space. The moment the device is switched on, it transforms into a vivid OLED TV.”


While it’s only a concept idea for now, it’s the stuff sci fi movies are made of, after all, we don’t all want our living rooms to be centered around the television.

‘Les Arcanistes’ by Studiopepe

Studiopepe's installation at Salone del Mobile 2019 | NONAGON.style

This immersive installation for Studiopepe is not even tangentially planet inspired, but created to explore the mystery of tarot cards and divination. The tarot cards represent the collective unconscious and the installation therefore the interplay between divination and matter.


“The Arcanists were ante-litteram chemists, who held the arcane and secret knowledge of formulas able to create porcelain and to work with materials such as glass and metals,” explains Studiopepe. Following from the installation includes a sequence of spaces exploring Source of the Vibrational Water, the Materioteca, the Alchemic Laboratory and the Mantica Society.

As we mentioned, there were a host of different installations and collections at Salone del Mobile — but definitely seeing an exploration of how the solar system and natural elements play with the textures we interact with was a big take away.


What were your highlights of the event? Leave a comment below!


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