Townhouse Receives 'No Fuss' Modern Update |
Goodbye 80s: Townhouse Receives ‘No Fuss’ Modern Update

Goodbye 80s: Townhouse Receives ‘No Fuss’ Modern Update

No more laminate, thanks!

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on April 15th 2019
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80s Be Gone


Luc Remond via Bowerbird

“Remove the 80s,” requested the home owners of this three-story home in Australia. Waving goodbye to the building’s old look, it was up to Hobbs Jamieson Architecture to turn this home into a sharp, refined living environment that maximized the space.


They opted towards integrated joinery items, pulling down walls and creating an open plan kitchen and dining area. It feels spacious, well-lit and waves goodbye to the 80s laminate.

Red and yellow artwork hangs in contemporary kitchen with large kitchen island, wooden cabinets and stools |

No Fuss

“The owners are ‘no fuss’ people,” describes architect Adam Hobbs. “They were after a contemporary neatly detailed space that they didn’t have to fuss over, easy to clean, clean lines, robust materials. And all with a little power in its presentation.”


A gas stove sits center stage on the kitchen island, with a concrete-styled extractor fan and joinery in a light wood tone. Hobbs explains that the home owners “love the kitchen and how the joinery extends into the living and dining areas as one overall joinery proposition for the dwelling.” The large open plan nature of the kitchen and dining area makes it a great space for entertaining.

Large kitchen island and hob with round extractor fan in wood-paneled kitchen |
Kitchen joinery details and large oven range |
Gray marble and white bathroom design |

One of the interesting features of the house is that it involved cutting into some of the external wall to light the sandstone rock face nearby. Lighting up the rock face made it possible to make the rooms brighter, too.


What advice would you give yourself looking back at the project?

Hobbs: Always pitch new ideas to clients, consider their value, not just their aesthetic and don’t be afraid to strive for design ideas that you know will be interesting.


What was the home like before the project started?

Hobbs: All our work, except for a new deck vergola and BBQ area was internal. The original dwelling was a typical ‘80s townhouse’ lots of beige, glass blocks and laminate finishes.

Staircase with black steps and dark wood, lighting under the handrail |

On the staircase you’ll notice the handrails are now backlit, and the side boards dividing them from the room have slits to make the area less dark. A lot of the townhouse renovation focused on bringing warmth, light and brightness to the space. It was fun for the Hobbs Jamieson Architecture team to get the handrail lit up, and create a three-story stair screen that connects the whole house from top to bottom.

Staircase featuring under handrail lighting |
Wood cabinets in the bedroom |
Kitchen cabinets and island range with ventilator round extractor fan |

Almost hidden away, the wood slats of this door in the kitchen hides the main bedroom and storage. It’s a great way to keep the ‘no fuss’ continuity of the room’s joinery.

Kitchen with wood joinery and hidden access door |
Hidden access door with smooth wood joinery |

Removing the laminate and 80s frills, this three-story townhouse kitchen is now sleek and ‘no fuss’, just as the home owners like it. With plenty of light, storage and space for new memories.

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