Bird Decor You'll Be Raven About |
Bird Decor You’ll Be Raven About

Bird Decor You’ll Be Raven About

Swooping birds and fancy feathers

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on May 10th 2019
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Birds have become symbols of beauty, strength and happiness in art throughout the ages. With their singing and flying capabilities, they inspire us. Feathers have long been collected and used to decorate homes, and now we can enjoy bird prints and patterns inspired by our feathered friends. Take a look through our round up of bird-inspired home decor.

Bird Feeders

Woodpecker shaped bird feeder |
image source

Sadly about one in eight bird species is threatened with global extinction, with many species in dramatic decline across the world. Celebrate the birds that visit you in your garden or balcony by offering a space to feed.


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Down Time

Flamingo bird home decor | Bedding set by Sophie Allport |
image source

With their brightly colored wings, flamingos get their name from the Spanish word flamenco, meaning ‘like a flame’. They get their fiery color from eating algae, crustaceans and brine shrimp, becoming brighter the better fed they are. But you don’t need to limit your diet to algae and brine shrimp to get the look; we like these flamingo print bed sheets from Sophie Allport.


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Flamingo bird home decor | Bedding set by Sophie Allport |
image source

Swallows and Amazons

Bird decor | Paper craft DIY |
image source

What would make a jungalow home look even better? When your home decor look is inspired by plants and greenery, why not weave birds into the mix? We like these paper craft DIY bird decor pieces from Paper Craft Plaza.


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The Birds and the Berries

Bird wallpaper |
image source

Murals Wallpaper have a handful of bird-themed mural wallpapers, but this one with the birds and berries caught our eye. Bold colors and stylish graphics make for a great focus wall.


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In An English Country Garden

Bird Decor | Cup Camilla Meijer's porcelainware |
image source

If there’s one thing the British love more than taking pride in their garden, it’s a cup of tea. We liked this blue ceramic design from Camilla Meijer made from bone china, hand-made and printed in Stoke-on-Trent, England.


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Something to Coo Over

Bird inspired home decor | White and gray dove feather throw by Happy Habitat |
image source

Enjoy the feather pattern of these environmentally sustainable throws designed by Karrie Dean for Happy Habitat. They are made in the USA using recycled cotton and acrylic, and pictured here we thought you might like the one in dove gray.


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Birds of Paradise

Birds of paradise mug from Maisons du Monde |
image source

The birds-of-paradise are best known for their extravagant plumage, and with this hand painted design from Maisons du Monde, you can enjoy the beauty of paradise without providing any danger to these endangered birds.


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Which bird rules the roost? Let us know your favorites in the comments below.


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