How You Can Apply Home Ergonomics to Improve Your Life |
How You Can Apply Home Ergonomics to Improve Your Life

How You Can Apply Home Ergonomics to Improve Your Life

From lighting to pillows, here's what you should know

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Claire Ng
on September 2nd 2018
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There is a growing emphasis on personal well-being. While everyone may be exercising, practicing meditation, eating right, and looking into skincare, one area is often overlooked. That is our home. Ergonomics is the science of using product design and furniture arrangement to optimize efficiency, comfort, and safety. Incorporating home ergonomics can be used to improve your living space.


Here are my tips for applying home ergonomics to the different areas of your dwelling.


Studies show uncomfortable sleeping conditions can lead to poor sleep quality.

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Temperature Regulation

One way to create a relaxing atmosphere for bedtime is to adjust the room temperature so it’s comfortable for your body. If it’s too hot, you can get an air conditioner or a fan to cool down the room. There are also portable options if you aren’t keen on making a permanent installation. If it’s too cold, consider getting a portable heater so you don’t have to heat rooms which aren’t in use.

Radiator heater helps with home ergonomics |

Head Support

Investing in a good mattress and pillow can give you good quality sleep by providing good neck and back support, which will do wonders for the overall health of your spine. When making a decision, you should consider your sleep position and the array of materials available.

Bedtime pillow for comfort and home ergonomics |


Lighting in the bedroom is also important because light exposure can affect how restful we feel when we wake up. If you are sensitive to sunlight, you may want to consider using blackout curtains as they can block any light from coming through the windows. If you have trouble waking up in the morning, consider getting opaque curtains instead.


If you like to be woken up by the morning light but your bedroom doesn’t get much of it, getting a natural light clock is a good idea. Light emitted from mobile devices and digital clocks can also have an impact on your body so it’s highly suggested to keep out all mobile devices and to use an analog clock.

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It’s highly recommended to place kitchen cabinets at appropriate heights so you’re not straining to reach for items. If you have shorter arms and have trouble reaching the back of deep cabinets, consider getting pull-out drawers. They can help you easily access all items in your cabinet.

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You should also try to place the counters at or slightly below elbow height so your body is at the right posture. This will prevent the neck and shoulders from overstraining and the spine from developing problems while organizing the pantry.

Home Office

The home office is a perfect example of a place where ergonomic principles are important.

Home office desk ideas for ergonomics |

When buying a desk, try to fine one with an adjustable height so everyone at home can use it. The table should ideally have a width which allows the sitter to sit at an appropriate distance from the computer screen in your home office.


Like desks, chairs should also be adjustable so they can conform to the sitter’s body. Luckily, there are many ergonomic chairs available on the market. They come with adjustable armrests and heights and are specially designed to support the lumbar. If you can afford to splurge on one, it’s highly recommended because it’s a great long-term investment in your health.

Computers are an essential part of our modern lifestyles so their accessories can help us create the best environment to work in. If you’re using a laptop, it’s recommended you use a detached keyboard whenever possible. When choosing a keyboard, try to look for one shaped to allow the forearms to be in a relaxed position. Arms should be at a 90-degree angle when using the keyboard, which should be positioned close to your body.


To provide your forearms with support, mousepads with palm cushions should be used. You may also want to consider using a laptop stand so the laptop is aligned to your eyes. It will prevent you from straining your neck.

A footrest can be an excellent addition to the home office as it will give your legs support where they don’t touch the ground. It can also ease leg and back problems and improve your body’s blood circulation.

Living Room

Where you find comfort after a long hard day, make the living room feel just right with the correct ergonomic adjustments.

Sofa relaxation in the living room |

Supportive Furniture

The living room is a place where people spend a lot of their time so you may want to find a couch which supports your back and feet.

Living room by Ippolito Flietz |
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Proper lighting in the living room can help prevent eye fatigue. If possible, try to get ceiling lights which will provide good lighting. In areas which can’t be reached by ceiling lights, floor lamps can help to resolve the problem.

We hope this article has helped you plan around ergonomics for your home. If you’re interested in learning more about the style and design for other areas of your home, check out our article for designing the perfect mudroom, or read our review for this augmented home app that helps you design your home just as you like it.


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